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Godissertationhelp.co.uk is an internet writting organization that professes to write for various purposes. Yet there are reports of scams and frauds, in some case even there are reports of no delivery and threating about informing the respective university about the students.


Well what can we expect from a scamming company? I mean this company literally calls its writers as expert and yet fails to declare them. There are pics with name and qualifications written below but no link to their professional address or info about them. Which means what you read is the only info you can get.


As this Godissertationhelp.co.uk doesn’t claim their writers so you cannot judge their quality. A writers name is the quality of writing and when there is no name with the writing there is no quality of that writing.


Rather than displaying a general pricing plan for the customers on website, or placing a price calculator, this Godissertationhelp.co.uk ask you about your personal info such as name, country, phone number and email to get a quote from them. Which is a high risk, because even this much info is enough for black mailing. Instead of getting prices and quotes you might end up getting threats and scam mails.


You can imagine the level of their trust by simply looking for their testimonial section. There are testimonials which have only pictures of random people with names and quotes written below. I mean come on, that’s basic computer 100 level programming which this company is using to present fake testimonials. Who would believe in that?


The Godissertationhelp.co.uk provides you with a number and physical address with an online chat option but that is not enough in the era of social media. And don’t forget Godissertationhelp have been listed as fraud, so if you are, by any chance, planning to pay a visit to them, I would recommend you to visit someone with more trusting company.


Godissertationhelp.co.uk also don’t provide any content to check for plagiarism which could be another scamming strategy.


This Godissertationhelp is one of many out there that are doing scams and frauds with their customers on daily basis. They have irregular online setups. Theyover charge, ask about your info rather than providing you with their and doesn’t provide you with a proper customer support as they can be caught on basis of that. It a fraud mafia. We would highly suggest you to stay away from companies like them. We rate them 0/5.

Comments from students


https://godissertationhelp.co.uk company’s goal is to produce quality work, original and well researched. However, this company continues to be incapable of achieving its goal. The work they deliver isn't well researched. They don’t trouble the foundations and correct information of analysis.


I wish i could choose 0 star. Don’t choose it. It’s biggest scam. Two problems in same day. Godissertationhelp.co.uk have the worst customer service ever. They don’t reply you when you go with issues. But at the time of payment, they keep calling and texting you. Just don’t choose. They haven’t refunded my money yet.


The last 6 Assignments got rejected. They keep postponing the answers, ignoring, refusing to refund. Even if I submit the same assignment on different days for them to give me a quote - I'm receiving significant different quotations. Godissertationhelp failed with the deadline twice, had to pay $150 to be allowed to submit the assignment to the institute, and still got rejected because of poor quality. Guess what's now? I have to pay again to resubmit.

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