Dissertationmill.co.uk – Review

Dissertationmill.co.uk is an online writting company that claims to provide service for writing purposes. In following we are going to review its website.



The first and worst thing about the company is not mentioning about its core employee, its writers. All you can know about this company is through the “about us” section of the website, where only a little info is provided. Company provides you with its services, its vision, its mission and everything but not with “its writers” who are the main assets of the company.


Yet Dissertationmill.co.uk claim to provide their customers with better services and expert writers, yet Dissertationmill fail to provide any kind of samples, writer profiles. However what they provide you is high pricing. They don’t have any neutral or third party stats so you can only imagine their quality of work if you are ordering them for first time.


Dissertationmill.co.uk pricing method is worst. To get a quote from them you would have to provide them with your name, email id and phone number. I mean why should I be giving my personal info to a company who doesn’t want to share its info with me? And would that be much easier if they provide a uniform pricing plan on the website?


This Dissertationmill.co.uk doesn’t even bother to share testimonials or any third party stats about them on their website. So if you want to query about this company you might have to dig a little bit more.


All Dissertationmill provide you is with social ids of Facebook, twitter and google plus. Neither phone numbers nor email ids are shared, don’t even think about physical address.


Since Dissertationmill don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a company with an improper pricing calculator, doesn’t provide much information about the company, has no proper customer support according to current era and cannot be tested for plagiarism is surely no company to trust. Overall Rating: 1/5.

Comments from students


I ordered an essay and I got something that didn’t look like it. It was a rewritten blog post (I found it easy). It didn’t have the essay structure. It didn’t have a clear thesis statement. I complained but the customer support ignored my messages. I do not recommend this https://dissertationmill.co.uk site. There are much better options.”


I've never used them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were a scam. The Dissertationmill.co.uk website looks cheesy and flashy, it's just the kind of a thing I'd avoid.


This is highly rejected Dissertationmill company. You should be careful about your future and choose the right option for your resume writing.

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