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This is not a secure site for visiting. It can harm your personal and financial information. This company has not been used by any person to judge its writers.


We are sorry for the inconvenience, as we are unable to tell you about the company services’ quality. The reasons are that the site cannot be opened, and there are no offsite reviews relating to this company is available.


The prices are also uncheckable. But, as the company site is insecure we can predict that the only aim of this company may be earning money.


Another company which site is not secure to be visited is concerning this, when we tried to open the company site such message was appeared on google chrome “the site is not secure. You should not enter any sensitive information( password or credit card) because it could be stolen by attackers”. So, this company is not trustworthy even to visit its site.


We did not found any reviews to inform you about the company customers support system. If the company site was open, still we would not try to contact it support team as a person details can be stolen from this site.


We did not find any sample paper or customers reviews to judge plagiarism in this company papers.


We do not recommend this site for writing purposes. The biggest problems with this company are its insecure website, and nothing is more important than protecting own personal and financial information. This company site should be avoided for visiting.

Comments from students

Felicity is worst customer ever! I receive a paper and my professor gave me F because of plagiarism. They didn't care and told me that the solution was pay for a new one. DON'T USE THEM.


The writer isn't economical to convert the directions into respectable kind. They're not smart in format vogue. Their method of communication isn't skilled. are not following the directions provided by customers.


Essayvikings isn't reliable. They're creating fools of their customers and not finishing orders on projected time. They're providing less range of words however whereas inserting their potency to grant assignment as expectations were high. They're not maintaining confidentiality of their shopper.

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