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The services offered by consistently fall short of satisfying customer expectations, leading to a barrage of negative feedback. Customers have voiced widespread dissatisfaction with the high prevalence of plagiarism in the work provided by the company. Shockingly, an average analysis reveals that a staggering 55% of their content is plagiarized. This alarming rate of unoriginal material reflects poorly on the integrity and professionalism of the company and its writers. Rather than producing original work, it appears that writers resort to copying content from sources like Wikipedia. Furthermore, the company's failure to utilize tools like Turnitin for plagiarism detection before submitting work raises serious concerns about their commitment to academic integrity. By neglecting to conduct thorough plagiarism checks, disregards the importance of originality and intellectual honesty, ultimately jeopardizing the academic standing of their clients. Given these glaring deficiencies, customers are advised to exercise caution when considering for their academic needs, as the risk of receiving plagiarized work is unacceptably high.



My Assignment Help presents itself as a solution for high-quality writing services, particularly in the realm of essay writing. However, beneath this facade lies nothing but a scam. The individuals purportedly skilled in their craft fall drastically short of even the most basic standards of competence. It's a sorry state of affairs when an unqualified individual could potentially outperform these so-called experts. The true nightmare unfolds when faced with a pressing deadline and no other recourse but to turn to this website for assistance. Upon completion of the task, you're left stranded in a proverbial hell of poor quality work and unmet expectations. It's imperative to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before entrusting any academic work to this site. Falling victim to such scams not only jeopardizes your academic standing but also undermines your confidence in online writing services as a whole.


My Assignment Help is a service that should never be trusted for its quality of service. Their performance consistently falls short of expectations, leaving customers disappointed and dissatisfied. It's no wonder their service is not retained by any of their customers. While they may initially appear responsive and attentive before an order is placed, this facade quickly fades once the true nature of their service is revealed. Customers soon realize that their priorities regarding assigned work are consistently neglected, with no recourse for complaint or retribution against the company. Unfortunately, once you've been let down by My Assignment Help, there's little you can do to rectify the situation or hold them accountable for their poor service. It's a cautionary tale for anyone considering using their services, as the risk of disappointment and frustration far outweighs any potential benefits.


The exorbitant prices charged by My Assignment Help for their lackluster services are far from reasonable. Customers often find themselves questioning the justification for such steep fees, especially considering the subpar quality of work they receive in return. It's no surprise that the company is frequently criticized by its own customers for charging excessively high prices for services that fail to meet even basic standards. In comparison to their competitors, who offer superior quality at much more affordable rates, My Assignment Help's pricing structure seems unjustifiable. It's clear that the company is guilty of overpricing their services, taking advantage of unsuspecting customers who may not be aware of better alternatives. Such practices only serve to further erode the already fragile trust between customers and online writing services. As such, prospective clients are advised to exercise caution and explore alternative options before committing to My Assignment Help and falling victim to their inflated prices and substandard services.


My Assignment Help has managed to undermine customer confidence in their product through a series of messy and disappointing performances. Despite making grand promises, they consistently fail to deliver on their commitments, leaving customers feeling disillusioned and betrayed. As a result, trust in the company has dissipated into thin air, with customers no longer willing to rely on their services. My Assignment Help's shortcomings extend beyond product quality, encompassing deficiencies in customer support, communication, and marketing. A thorough analysis of the website reveals a lack of genuine intent to serve customers' best interests, further eroding trust in the company's integrity and reliability. It's evident that My Assignment Help has squandered any goodwill it may have once possessed, leaving behind a trail of disappointed and disgruntled customers. As such, caution is warranted when considering engaging with this company, as the likelihood of a satisfactory experience is slim at best.


They promised to be there for you24/7, covering all platforms like online chat, email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. They wouldn’t respond you in time or sometimes, their response would lack the size of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing.

When you visit their website a pop-up appears instantly to collect your information and then they will make you annoyed with spam messages and emails of discounted offers of their poor services.


In short, they deserve no reviews higher than 1 out of 5. I will definitely suggest you to get this job done by some experienced website, don’t go for a new one always. You should chose new sites. Instead of wasting time on a place like “My Assignment Help” you should invest your time and money in some productive package. They just pretend to do your job nicely but sell really poor services. I will definitely not recommend a service platform like this, be alert of fakes and frauds to avoid any inconvenience. Alas! They are cheating their customers with fake promises.

Comments from students


Comparatively, their prices of the services are very high. Students can’t afford it because heavy charges are not fair to them. They are not providing service as they mentioned on their website.


The quality of work is not usable for academic writing because the writers use to write in a common language, not informal sentence structure. The content they write does not make any sense with the themes. They use it to copy content from different blogs.


This company does not get you the grades you pay them to get you. They lie to and cheat their customers. You pay a lot of money for nothing. It is a waste of time and money.

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