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“” named webpage promised to provide you the great quality material for your academic assignments for achieving A+ grades in your class. But the service they provide you is totally a waste of time andthe material you get after completion is not up to the described standards. EssayRoo offer to serve you with variety of services like writing service, application service, assignments and piece of writing service and resume services. But they are liars and all their promises just appeared to be fake.


WRITER: writers of the site who offer to do your task, are not even capable to do the job. EssayRoo have extremely poor working abilities. They regularly get failed to convey the quality stuff in the recommended time. They have a deprived staff which isn't capable to make the order finish in time. You should search for any site which provide you a quality material for your assignments. We’ll never supporta service which is unable to complete the due tasks in required time and efficiency.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: service to the clients is very poor and low standard. EssayRoo take orders from the customer being socheesy and friendly but in the end they just make lame excuses for not finishing the task in time. You can say, they just used to waste your quality time convincing that the article will be good and then the resulting stuff just make you feel regretful for placing the order.


The cost they charge is too high as compared to their services. You can better find any other better service according to your requirement as numerous different destinations are giving quality services at exceptionally affordable prices. It wouldn't be false to comment that their service doesn't meet the value they are approaching to pay for. They must provide a quality which better suits their price tags.


The organization has no trust in the market. Even their current clients are not happy with their services’ status. They have left negative reviews about the quality, worth and accuracy of items they produce. If you see any positive comments and reviews on their site it would must be fake. So, no new clients are expected in this situation. Seriously, the website didn’t much effort to regain its trust in the market of writing.


They promise to response your issues and queries in a couple of minutes and brag to be accessible for their clients all 24 hours. They are even offering FAQs to help the common questions but all that solution is good for nothing. The reality is absolutely inverse to the statement. The site doesn’t satisfy their customers with sufficient accuracy in the data. They are less capable to please their clients with quality material in due time. They never reply in time, if they do their reaction isn't enough to fulfil their clients' requirements.


The assignments they will provide you will be full of copyright infringement and piracy. They will make you happy with just theold wine in new bottle. Any common filter can very easily capture the fault in your documents.Any business can never excel in the market with a service of stolen content. Shameful, for a writing website site that they are charging very high costs for poor quality stuff. They are committing an illicit and corrupt crime by deluding their own clients.


“” aren't the efficient experts to provide you with the quality service for the assignments. They only boasts to complete your task immediately, but that is not the reality. They are accused for transporting poor quality services to their clients. They are not quality writers but fraud! So, you must take care before making any business deal with them.

Comments from students

Mack said they offer zero plagiarism in the copy, but what they actually offer is zero efficiency, zero commitment and zero professionalism. Can't believe I had fallen for the promises made by these losers. Now I have to look for other options to finish my dissertation.


Do NOT use this company!!! I failed my class for the papers they wrote!! The writers did not follow instructions. They also scammed me for an extra essay that I did not ask for!! I am ready to get a class action law suit started!!


The work quality of this site is unable to encounter the needs of the students because the authors are unable to produce real and unique content on different topics. EssayRoo never pays any attention to the instructions of the customers and even the deadline is nothing for them. They are ruining the future of the innocent students.

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