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The company hires professional and experienced writers who are ironically having enough knowledge to make clever and far-fetched ideas.


The work quality of the company is not reliable just because of their performance we do not recommend it. The text they write does not make any relevance with the main theme. They use to add irrelevant ideas and does not able to give any reference.


The charges are very expensive. The reason is that that will provide original text. But in reality they writers are not having enough capacity to make any new, clever, and unique ideas on given topics.


The trust level of the clients is low because of their performance. They are unable to fulfill the needs of the customers.


The service quality of the company is poor. They are unable to answer the questions in time. The delivery time never meets the deadline. They never follow the instructions of the orders. This company is not reliable.


They never check plagiarism of the work they deliver. The uniqueness and newness never encounter the content. They are unable to create good and unique sentences.


We do not recommend this company for your future because they are making you a fool. The company is a fake and they are not reliable like professionals.

Comments from students


I used this and paid my funds in good faith that I would receive a quality piece of work back. All correspondence completely ignored and what little work was received was absolutely atrocious. Few or no reference that did not match the small bibliography. Pages and pages of work with no references and when I searched to find the correct reference for one missed form the bibliography, I found the whole page had been stolen from an Indian Dissertation that was available on line!!! I've tried to call, mail and contact via live chat, but get no reply, no updates and no final piece of work. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM


This is a total waste of time and money. They will not reply to your mails, ignore you. Amy from the online chat will get you i have forwarded your issues to the writer we will reply you before close of business, you will not hear from them in days. They will deliver before the deadline and deliver a very poor quality word that you can't even read a sentence. The most annoying part is the ignoring phase.


Please don't ever use this topgradeessays website for your work. This site is a scam and will rip you off. They will not even refund you as they will ignore all your messages and as for the work- they will deliver on time but half done with the writing of a child. These people have no idea on how to write they will copy and past from different sources. YOU WILL WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY like I did. No matter how desperate you are don't use this site rather go elsewhere.

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