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This company boost of how proficient and reliable their team of the writer is, yet their papers are full of errors. lack the skills to conduct research on a given topic. They handle tasks in a lousy manner. They are not a quality oriented company.


This firm claim to provide quality essay to a student in the UK. This is not true, because, student do not use their paper services due to incorrect spellings and pirated content associated with their job. If indeed you desire an excellent paper for your academic work, this company won't be among your options. Papernow do not have what it takes to provide quality paper, not now and certainly not tomorrow.

PRICE: fundamental priority is to make money off you, they are not known for quality service. They claim to be the cheapest paper offering service in the UK, which is absolutely wrong. They know nothing about quality.


Despite the long years of establishment, Papernow is still underrated among other UK writing provider due to the inability to put smiles on their customer's face. Their project is not well researched and writers ignore the time frame. This company has huge negative feedbacks. They cannot be trusted. They don't meet deadlines and makes you feel uncomfortable. is one of the leading company in the UK writing firm that has the highest level of plagiarism. They derive joy in copyright infringement. They avoid writing papers from scratch and further engage in the act of plagiarism. Giving this company to handle your paper is not safe.


Their Customer Care representative is not exempted from the poor services conducted by Papernow writers. They are all involved. They claim to operate 24 hours online support, yet clients do not receive response or feedback from their complaints. This group of individuals cannot be beckon. Inefficiency, delays, and lousiness run in the vein. They are not results driven customer care personnel.


Using this paper writing firm will bring nothing but pain and regret. You can avert regret syndrome right now by failing to patronize their services. does not guarantee an organic paper.

Comments from students


It came straight from wiki, word for word. And for this reason nothing about the essay made sense. I wanted to find facts fast, but thy clearly weren’t true, considering it was saying that the wealthy got this disease most often. Anyway wouldn’t ever recommend, the essays are plagiarized. Teachers would easily catch you just by looking up your topic point.


Customer service is non existent. quick to take your money but when u change your mind/request a refund they delay and come up with excuse after excuse to avoid this company. full of false promises, repetitive rhetoric and blatant lies. you will find yourself constantly chasing them up as they never contact you on their own.


Papernow guys promised to beat the deadline by two days. On the due date they tell me their writer could not complete the job! After staying silent for 10 days!!! AVOID like a plague. They don't deserve your time and money. They said they will refund me in 1 month. Will update.

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