– Review has garnered a reputation for being a fraudulent and scam-ridden website. Reports of unethical practices and deceptive behavior have cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of their services. Today, we embark on a comprehensive survey of, scrutinizing its performance across various criteria to provide you with an objective assessment. From customer satisfaction to service quality, pricing transparency to reliability, we delve into every aspect to uncover the truth behind the allegations of fraud and deceit. By conducting a thorough investigation, we aim to shed light on the veracity of these claims and empower you to make informed decisions about whether is a trustworthy option for your academic needs. Stay tuned as we uncover the reality behind the facade of and reveal whether it lives up to its promises or falls short of expectations.


WRITER:'s limited pool of just 30+ writers severely hampers its ability to meet the diverse needs of its customers. With such a small team, the writers lack the necessary brainpower and versatility to tackle a wide range of challenges effectively. This shortage of skilled writers results in subpar work that fails to meet the expectations of customers. Furthermore, the lack of commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in's disregard for honesty and respect. The writers' apparent indifference towards these fundamental values only serves to exacerbate the dissatisfaction experienced by customers. Additionally, the writers' lack of experimentation and practical approach towards knowledge further undermines the quality of the service provided by Without the willingness to explore new ideas and approaches, the company's offerings become stagnant and outdated, failing to keep pace with evolving academic standards and requirements. As a result, customers seeking innovative and high-quality academic assistance are likely to be disappointed by's lackluster performance.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: presents itself as an online service, but its quality falls far short of being satisfactory. The content they produce lacks originality and coherence, often failing to make any sense whatsoever. Despite their claims of providing top-notch services, the reality is quite the opposite. Many students have reported receiving work that is clearly plagiarized or poorly written, leaving them feeling duped and frustrated. preys on the vulnerability of students by falsely presenting themselves as the best in the business, when in fact they are far from it. This deception amounts to nothing short of fraud, as the company employs various tricks to scam unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned money. By exploiting the trust of students and delivering subpar work, not only tarnishes its own reputation but also undermines the integrity of the entire academic assistance industry. As such, students are advised to exercise caution and avoid falling victim to's deceptive practices, opting instead for more reputable and trustworthy sources of academic support.


Their pricing scheme is exorbitantly high, especially considering the lackluster quality of their services. For instance, even a basic undergraduate-level essay with a relatively modest 24-hour deadline could set you back a staggering $30. Such steep pricing is unjustifiable, particularly when juxtaposed with the subpar quality of work that they deliver. Customers are essentially being asked to pay a premium for services that fail to meet even the most basic standards of academic excellence. This misalignment between price and quality underscores Essaypro's prioritization of profit over customer satisfaction. Moreover, the disparity between the exorbitant fees and the lack of commensurate quality represents a blatant disregard for the value proposition that customers rightfully expect. As such, students seeking academic assistance should be wary of falling into the trap of Essaypro's overpriced offerings and instead explore more affordable and reliable alternatives for their academic needs.


Essaypro Company’s lack of trustworthiness stems from their failure to uphold their promises and commitments. Despite assurances of providing reliable and high-quality service, the reality often falls short of expectations. Customers find themselves in precarious positions as they cannot rely on the writers to deliver as promised, leading to feelings of insecurity and mistrust. Trust should be the cornerstone of any business relationship, yet Essaypro appears to prioritize profit over building and maintaining trust with their customers. This lack of trustworthiness not only damages the company's reputation but also erodes confidence in their ability to fulfill their obligations. As a result, customers are left feeling disillusioned and betrayed, further undermining their faith in Essaypro's services. In order to regain trust and credibility, Essaypro must prioritize transparency, accountability, and integrity in all their dealings with customers. Until then, customers may be better off seeking academic assistance from more trustworthy and reliable sources.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: fails to provide adequate support to its customers, leaving them feeling abandoned and frustrated. Despite promises of assistance, customers often find themselves waiting in vain for timely responses from the staff. This lack of responsiveness is particularly concerning given the company's track record of failing to deliver orders on time. The slow service and delayed responses exacerbate the already stressful experience of dealing with, leaving customers feeling overlooked and undervalued. Furthermore, technical issues plague the website, further hindering customers' ability to navigate the platform and access the services they need. These persistent technical glitches only serve to compound the existing challenges faced by customers, making it even more difficult to place orders and communicate with the staff. In essence,'s failure to provide adequate support and address technical issues reflects poorly on its commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism. As such, customers seeking reliable and efficient academic assistance may be better off exploring alternative options that prioritize responsiveness and user experience.


Our experience with Essaypro company has been deeply unsatisfactory, as they have proven themselves to be nothing short of fraudulent. Their services are not something we would recommend to others due to their consistently rude behavior and underwhelming performance. The writers employed by Essaypro lack the necessary qualifications to produce quality work, and their communication with clients is far from professional. This lack of professionalism extends beyond just the writers, permeating the entire company's operations. Essaypro's failure to uphold basic standards of courtesy and competence has left us feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Their disregard for customer satisfaction and their propensity for rudeness only serve to further tarnish their already tarnished reputation. In light of our negative experience with Essaypro, we would strongly advise others to steer clear of this company and seek out more reputable and reliable alternatives for their academic needs.

Comments from students


I am so discouraged by their unmannerly attitude and lack of commitment. People at have no idea of what customization actually means, let alone providing a customized essay.


My teacher gave me a very low grade in my coursework term paper, for which I had hired writing services. I thought I availed professional and expert services, but it seems quite opposite.


Essaypro company is impotent to put in writing well-built assignments. The standard of the assignments isn't considerable as a result of my assignment wasn't in well-structured English. This company is creating you fool with completely different tricks. Their performance isn't satisfactory.

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