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Dissertationpapers.co.uk tends to be difficult most especially these days that the essays that are being given do require a lot of complexities and creativity. The society these days really made it so hard for students to concentrate only on their studies, they’ve got to work and also make time for other extra-curricular activities. This review would be basically about an online service provider named Dissertationpapers.



During our time of investigation, it was so clear to us that this company didn’t have as much writers as they claim to have. The company had a total of 63 writers working for them. Amongst these writers we could fine 10 masters degree holders, 7 with PhDs and 8 are UK based. This is a really poor stat for the record.


Judging from the stats of Dissertationpapers writers, you’d be expecting a very poor performance from this company. Forget about the testimonials that you see on their website, this company has got a very bad reputation when it comes to their productivity and output. Most of their past customers may made the same complaints to us concerning plagiarism and errors being found on their essays.


The prices here in Dissertationpapers.co.uk really depend on the services that you’re ordering. A 2’1 level kind of essay would cost you well around $38.48 which is considerably okay for an essay of this quality. The essay would contain nothing less than 500 words and will be delivered in 10 days.


Trust as we all know is security. Dissertationpapers.co.uk provided its customers with privacy policy that ensures that your personal details as a customer are safe. The address placed on the website had no tangible location just “London, UK”.


Dissertationpapers.co.uk has provided all the necessary basic that makes communication much easier. Dissertationpapers website has a steadily operating full time customer support that offers both pre-order and post-order support. The biggest issue here is with their refund policy, as you may never get your money back if not satisfied.


This company from the review above has shown its impotency of generating good quality services to its clients. Dealing with Corpwriting.co.uk is not secured as they haven’t provided you with any assurance on the security of your data. Honestly speaking, this company isn’t just good enough.

Comments from students


WORST SERVICE! DO NOT USE DO NOT USE THIS https://dissertationpapers.co.uk SITE!! Made the mistake of ordering from them, THEY WONT FINISH UR PAPER THEY WILL KEEP ASKING FOR EXTENTIONS AND GIVE U FAKE GURANTTEES MY PAPER HAS BEEN OVERDUE FOR A WEEK NOW AND I DIDNT GET IT!! Their writers are bad their service is even worse. This is my first time reviewing, this is a warning DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!


Do not use this Dissertationpapers.co.uk website, do not trust them. They're scam, fake.


Dissertationpapers company is not providing what they claimed. They poorly destroyed resumes and that is not even according to the given format.

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