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WRITER: offered to provide you good quality service for any type of writing. But actually, they are nothing except scam. The miserable condition is that when you have a very short time completing your task and suddenly, you get a website like this one. After the job has been done, you will find yourself stuck in a hell. No time for amendment, no time for any other better service and this file is not well enough to be submitted. How awkward is that!


Pay-for-essay brags too much about the quality of service they provide you. claim to complete the tasks in time and to be very efficient in accomplishment of your orders. But those are all false promises, their quality of service is extremely poor. You will never get a single file fully completed and written with proficiency. Sometimes they even get failed to deliver the assignment in time. That is all just fake! I suggest you not to depend on their service, as it isn't up to the described standards.They ever been convicted for providing poor services. Pay-for-essay quality is not just poor but ridiculous, I would never ever get confined in their cheesy talks again.


The price they charge for the damn service they offered is never feels like reasonable. That is not justifiable for the quality of service they deliver. They are blamed by their customers for charging high price for a down-graded service. Their competitive websites provide better stuff at very reasonable prices. I would honestly accuse them of overpricing.


The most important factor for a client,to make a deal with a business, is trust. If a company get failed to maintain enough trust, they get failed completely. And has faced a large number of complains about breaking confidence and trust, you may check the details in reviews of their website. Doing so, Ilearnt that they have got negative reviews for the all theservices being offered.


Pay-for-essay brag to respond you immediately via live chat, messages, emails, live call etc. But that is a totally false statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in helping you contact with them for some considerable issues. They either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would not even helpful to solve your issue. They told you to provide you gradual performance of your dissertation so ye may be aware of your working status, but they take so long in describing the acquired information.


This website will get a rate of 1.5 out of 5 from my side. I will definitely not recommend tomake a deal with Be alert of fakes and frauds to avoid any inconvenience. You should go for some better website to have your task completed in time. Working with Pay for Essay is not more than just wasting your resources for no gain. You should try to find some better service for completing your essays and assignment is time.

Comments from students


The worst service I have ever tried for custom paper writing! How come hire freshmen and pretend to have PhD writers???? It easily can be seen after you receive your paper. Such a disgusting scam! Such a waste of a quite big amount of money! Can I sue them??? Who knows?!


I don't recommend ordering a literature essay here as all they do is look up texts for a similar topic and rewrite them. give no fresh opinion whatsoever.


Prices here are quite affordable for students and the writing they provide is usually properly formatted. But unfortunately, you cannot trust them when it comes to originality of writing. They often just copy and paste texts from various sources without paying enough attention to the quality of what is written. Of course, there are no references either. I can`t recommend pay-for-essay.

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