– Review is an online writing company with many defects in it.They have been providing all types of coursework help to students. The network of their so called highly qualified writers have been writing coursework for students all over the UK. In following we are going to review its website.


The website brags that they offer experienced writers and the perfectionists to right for your academic or other type of assignments. But they never proved the capability of their staff with the service they provide. Whatever you ask them to write, all will just go to bin, so go your money. They right really poor stuff, with various flaws like lack competency, poor content, sentence errors, false phrasing, grammar mistakes and piracy. And this would never be good enough to ensure you the good grades in the academics.


The most important thing for any student to consider is the quality of the service. There are many writing services that sell reused papers, or work with high level of plagiarism i.e. unacceptable to the university or something that does not have a very good quality of writing. And, such is not case with Reports from customers state that they have been very unhappy with the quality of service. Reviews UK we rate their quality of service a 1.5/5.


They have no reason to charge such a high price for a low-level service. Other competitors offer products of the highest quality at very reasonable prices. Seriously, who will buy something expensive without any benefit? I did not find any reason to convince him to buy a mediocre service in the proposed package.


This is a company that we cannot certainly say that it is one that can be trusted because it has shown not to be opened to its customers about its interior activities; the company did not state its permanent address anywhere on their website.They failed to satisfy their customers’ requirements after making very high promises. So, the company has just lost its trust for the product, customer support service, communication and marketing. Thorough examination of the website shows that the website has nothing to be trustworthy about.


They claim to respond within seconds covering all platforms like email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. without any considerable delay. They even claim to get connection with a call back offer. In all this rush, they have made the website so busy and difficult. It is not easy to get the required information quickly. Their live chat feature is very poorly constructed and their customer care personnel’s are very rude and arrogant.


In conclusion, they only want to do their job well, but sell really poor services. I will definitely suggest you to look for another good website. Instead of wasting time in a place like this, you should invest time and money in a productive whole. Certainly I will not recommend a platform of services like this; I will pay attention to counterfeiting and fraud to avoid inconveniences. Their overall rate at Reviews UK is 1.5/5.

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