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WRITER: writers who are spoken of majorly as big time scholars are not even up to that worth in reality. Majority of their writers are students in higher institutions, and they are either in their penultimate or final year of study.


From appropriate consultations made and from the reviews posted about, it is completely true that the quality of service commonly provided by this platform is not good enough. Majority of the contents of their works are just plagiarised and they can’t deliver standard assignments.

PRICE: prices are quite unaffordable. It is surprising that a platform filled with set of unqualified writers charge ordinary students very high. It is just too much to charge $53 for a common 1 page work. Through this means, they have been able to scam varieties of customers.


There is no reason for which should be trusted. Their site has flood of negative comments all around. Practically, sweet-looking adverts is made clearly to attract new buyers to this site. But truly do not practice timely delivery, they scam their customers and threaten them to prevent request for refund of payments.


The platform do not provide their customers with good information as expected. They are not committed, they are only best at making fraud. do not have solid means of helping clients with payment issues. They are very rude in their relationship with customers and they keep no privacy of their works.


Based on deep investigation, has been found to largely accommodate sets of incompetent writers. We do not recommend them at all for any form of business or academic related works. This platform take high charges from customers but deliver poor works to them, sometimes works get off topics and its becoming alarming right now.

Comments from students


I definitely won't recommend to anyone. This service is beyond bad - terrible writers, awful service and they'll price you for all the mistakes the writer corrected in his own work.


I had experienced appalling service with They missed my deadline, instructions, and everything I did mention to follow. I ended up writing my paper. Not just that! I lost a lot of money.


I came to Nerdymates after a long search. I think Nerdymates made sure nobody could proof their service! So bad!

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