– Review is an online writting company that claims to provide service for writting purposes. In following we are going to review its website.



Like all fishy companies out Makemyassignments in the market this website also claims to have one of the best writers in the market and yet even after that fails to provide any kind of profession or academic info regarding them. It doesn’t even acknowledge about their presence in the company.


Talking about quality, well their website is not catchy at all, Makemyassignments do not acknowledge about their writers, do not provide info regarding them, their testimonials look like quotes with pictures and their pricing is higher than the average in the market. Trust it would be better to assign your job to a free-lancer rather than giving them a task.


Their pricing is higher than the average in the market. It’s the worst pricing we have seen so far, as it looks like that the company is only interested in making money rather than providing the customer with any good service. God forbidden if you have just 24 hours left in submission, which is normal case for student, they will charge you $25 per page. I mean look at their quality of services once again and then look at their pricing. They are simply looting you.


Trust me if I were you I wouldn’t even dare to trust them as they are not providing any stable info about their own-selves and even after that they have the guts to charge you way more than the market.


All are good in is customer support. Makemyassignments provide you with a number, three email ids, and social ids such as Facebook, twitter, google plus, YouTube and Pinterest. But it’s still not good enough as the company doesn’t provide you with any kind of physical address.


Since don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a company with lunatic website, a looting pricing plan, no writer’s info, improper testimonials and improper customer support surely does not deserve to be trusted by customer. You must look for any other company in the market. We rate them 1/5 and that is just for providing with their numbers and email id.

Comments from students

Mariana site doesn’t offer any discounts to its clients. Some students in need of constant help could become loyal customers, but the site policy doesn’t encourage them to do so.


Stay away this company .Despicable unscrupulous organization and preying on the emotions of desperate individuals rushed to meet difficult deadlines. Offering the world in its entirety with multiple free revisions and money back guarantees, is a complete and utter hoax!! None of this is true!! As any revision paper sent back is returned in its original state with no changes to it at all. They just wear you down until you go away refusing a refund. They use English speaking front men to part you from your cash. Promising everything and anything to mankind but the reality is that all they do is take your money and run! They have overridden MANY past negative reviews writing any positive ones themselves!


It seems with this makemyassignments website that the negative reviews are correct, and that they can’t be trusted to produce a high quality paper. There is far too much focus on getting your business, and absolutely no effort to highlight how students can benefit from using their service, or why they are better for you and your grades.

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