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Tutors who are specialized in the field of law are advertised to be available on this site. The truth is that, any law students in need of a sound tutor won’t still get one from this platform. The writers here are just confusing, they might end up making you fail out from Law school.


All of the services offered on this site is all about law. Other students can not really benefit from here, if you land on this website, it’s better you don’t waste your time if you aren’t a law student. do not even give the best that any student would get satisfied with.


The fraud pattern used by is very unique. As a first timer on this site, you won’t get turned off easily. They do not display price tag for their works directly because, they want you to develop an interest first before the real price deal is thrown at you.

COMPANY TRUST: has been a big time disappointment to varieties of customers who have used their service over the time. Disturbing your mental stability with poor works is one thing they commonly do. They disappoint you and give no chance of compensation nor revisions. They can leak your details to your school anytime issues come up.


The customer support staffs of are no comforting individuals to fall back on in the face of trouble. They won’t rescue you, they are just there but you can’t get any resolution for your imperfect deliveries from them.


It would have been encouraging if at least this writing company has tutors who can provide standard uncopied works to students. All they do is copy and paste, hardly edit what they deliver most times.

CONCLUSION: is not fit for taking care of the need of every law students around the world. Even within UK, they can’t still do enough to ensure people don’t see them as a scam. They do not practice refund policy when necessary nor deliver good contents worth your money.

Comments from students

Ronan also can't research very well, and the customer service people are the worst ever. Sure, they're fine BEFORE you give them your money, but if you start asking why it's late, or that you're worried about the quality and they're JUST PLAIN RUDE.


The company doesn't really work they copy from Internet and charge more per assignment.


Paid 167$ for an essay. Was absolute garbage, ended up just doing it myself. I selected Mylawtutors and even paid extra for it. I asked support before paying if they can do the order and ovc they said yes. Just a big scam, and ive opened a dispute that will prob lead no where with American Express. I feel scammed.

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