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They surely have a lot of writers and consultants a few of them are worthy of delivering quality instead of quantity. No excellent writing skill is found in the individuals at Essay land tagline is just for advertising because authors are not qualified enough to engage in writing resumes.


Until placing the order, will try its best to catch the attention of consumers who are extremely interested in the negotiation, but once the agreement is made, will only begin to ignore the consistency and scheduling of work needs. Sometimes they don't even deliver the resumes on time.


None will be so dumb to pay so high for a poor-quality content that even doesn’t match the standards. They surely make you pay high for just a poor serviced solution of a task. It will not be a false statement if we say that they are setting more prices than what they are delivering.


All customers just want to be ensured about their information's security. This platform has received many concerns for losing their confidence in the labor markets. They have failed to meet the needs of their customers. By visiting their site, I have discovered that they have negative reviews related to the services they are providing.


Literally they do not allow any customer support effectively. As an organization they prefer to give a customer support 24 hours, but when it comes to contacting them, they never ever respond to you in a friendly manner, yet they become rude and filthy.


Isn't it dumb! cheats with fake promises to their customers. The resumes that they are providing to you are pirated and are not according to the standards. They do nothing with the stolen content except to lose the confidence of their customer that they have on this firm.


The company doesn’t have a proper channel of communication, provides a plagiarized content that is totally unacceptable. Not recommended at all.

Comments from students


Hopeless site!! can't even write an essay properly! i had to change 2 writers and guess what? i waited 1 month plus for a work done by catte , just to get plagarized work and gramatical error. if you are rushing for datelines , please don't engage their service ! they will take their own time to upload and if you ask for fast work expect it to be trash! best part: their customer service will recommand people who isn't even qualified in that field. worst service !!!


People, get your papers elsewhere! This company is not worth your time and your money!


While the pricing of Resumevalley was legit, the quality of their paper was just okay. Luckily, it was a school project so I could work with it. However, I think I will not return to them if I get a difficult project.

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