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Students sometimes find it difficult to have time to write essays because they are most time very busy with work placements and lectures. Essay is the most creative aspect of English writing, it requires a lot of mental effort and also creativity and that’s the real reason why online essay writing companies came into existence. Today, we are here to discuss about, to see if they can be trusted.


There are just about 53 writers working for Nursingessays and within these writers there are 4 having PhDs, 7 with Masters Degree and 6 of them are based in the UK. From the statistics above, it’s well obvious that higher percentages of the writers are not even qualified to be a professional writer. And also the number of the writers is very small.


After getting back the papers we ordered, we found out the review we were getting from heir previous users didn’t say otherwise. have the same issues of plagiarism and the quality of the essay sure didn’t look like a professional’s handwork Nursingessays are a lot of grammatical and punctuation misplacement in it.


An average level kind of essay would cost you $47.68 which is quite expensive and the essay would contain a minimum of 500 words, two pages and will be delivered to you in max of 10 days.


Also we noticed that, provided all information like their phone lines and emails but there wasn’t a physical address anywhere on their site. The physical address ensures trust and shows that the company is a very much honest and open one.


Yes, truly this Nursingessays company has provided a great service support system but also we should make it clear to you that they have a very big problem with their refund policy because they do not comply with it.

CONCLUSION: company doesn’t have the required labour force grip the market firmly and this might be the major problem for their low standard of quality. There are definitely a lot of companies out there that would give you reasons to trust them and also provide you with good quality at cheaper rates.

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