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The is an online company for students’ professional help in academic purposes. But they have selfish writers who are not taking their profession seriously. They make grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are true evidence of their poor qualification. They are not writing their own words rather copying from different sources.


The quality of the essay is not professional. The file for revision does not seem like they have done with proofreading because mistakes have still existed. They are poor in maintaining the best service for your project that increases grades rather than the decrease.


They are very costly compared to other market rates. They are not flexible in terms of giving you a discount or offering discount deals. At a very high price, they are not reliable to consider them for your academic concerns.


They are not successful to build up trust in their customers because they are not providing the services as claimed. This company is defeating you only for a few pennies. This company never deserves to support it for their fraud.


The services of the are not as good as they described on their website. One-to-one chat offers are really poor service because they start making fun of their clients on their institutions while placing order. It is your decision to choose the best for your future academic purposes.


They never use their minds to writing the content on their own. The removal of plagiarism is not their responsibility but they offer this on their site.


You are your good companion so please be realistic with yourself and choose the best option for your study purposes. This site is not recommended for you if you are concerned about getting good grades.

Comments from students


I believe I paid enough to demand a well-written essay without at least grammar mistakes and typos. But it seems an insurmountable task for this writing company. What I got is a poorly-written text with no conclusion at all, without a proper list of authors cited or any kind of formatting.


The actual quality of the papers is not great either, you would have to constantly Check grammar, content, spelling, formatting, etc. do not have native English writers and so the work produced is basic.


Don't even try the free version. The entire essay was word for word copied from Wikipedia. I have not tried for a payed paper, but I cna't imagine the results are much better. Not worth your time. Stay away this prowritingservice site.

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