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There are lots of online writing companies out there, and of course everyone requires and needs nothing but the best out these companies. Our researches are conducted to guide and help narrow you down to the company that provides the right services for you. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with essay work, Bestessays4u.co.uk says that they can handle them for you. The question is “Do Bestessays4u.co.uk provides good essay writing services? Read on to find out.


Bestessay4u brags a lot about employing the best and most creative writers to work with them. At the time of our research, we found out the company just has a sum of 46 writers where just 3 of them are from the UK, 7 having Masters Degree and 5 are PhD holders. With how busy essay writing companies are can this number be enough?


Considering the amount and qualifications of their writers, it is very much expected that the quality would be chaotic and woeful. Past reviews from previous users, have all been narrowed down to how bad the services that Bestessays4u.co.uk renders are. Most have complains were related to plagiarism, typos and no refunds. This isn’t a good omen at all.


The prices here are way above average. Their service charges are way ahead of the quality and satisfaction that it provides. Getting a 2’1 level essay her would cost you $54.36 containing 500words, two pages and a 10 days maximum delivery time. It comes with no additional services and discounts.


Trust is another factor that this company to assure its customers of. Yes, truly they provided privacy policy to their customer to assure them that their details are secured with them but failed to provide a physical address showing openness and honesty between the company and its customers.


Bestessays4u.co.uk also has a very slow and almost irresponsive customer service. They didn’t develop their communication technology to the recent models; it as well lacks the LiveChat, the easiest means of communication on a website.


Finally, we wouldn’t recommend Bestessays for you because there is no physical address, no honest and on top of all these the quality of their writing is very poor. Surely, Bestessays4u will not provide the best essay for you.

Date published: 25/11/2018
1.4 / 5 stars

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