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There are lots of online writing companies out there, and of course everyone requires and needs nothing but the best out these companies. Our researches are conducted to guide and help narrow you down to the company that provides the right services for you. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with essay work, says that they can handle them for you. The question is “Do provides good essay writing services? Read on to find out.


The number of writers used by is very little as they barely exceed 40 in total. This has been part of the reasons they have not been able to provide quality essays or assignments. Their spoken qualifications are Masters and PhD but we find it hard to believe, as none of their works have proved that standard.


Writing of essays, assignments as well as research papers is not the calling of most writers used by this company. We emphasize this with regards to the incompetence of the writers as they submit essays that are mostly below standard. The service of this company is not worth paying for.


If there is another word other than unaffordable that could be used to qualify the prices charged for the writing services of, it would have sounded more appropriate. Billing students for as much as about $50 is pocket-tearing if we must say.


Details of all clients that have patronized or willing to patronize this company, are not safe at all. They are so greedy that they won’t hesitate to release such details to respective institution of any client requesting for refund.


The group of people monitoring the queries submitted by most clients to this company are just imperfect. They can’t take care of the need of any client, and as such they are inefficient.


None of the essays written by this company can escape plagiarism is put through the test. This is due to the act of copying of other writers' works from online when an order is placed, so as to avoid the stress of writing an original one.


After assessing the whole stuffs we have heard about initially, but we come to a conclusion when we did our in-depth findings. We therefore, do not recommend this company for any writing service. They even have incompetent writers and support team that is very rude to clients.

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