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WRITER: is a platform that speaks regard its writers as competent persons who graduated from most of the best schools in the world like Harvard, Oxford , Yale and so on, but this is a mere scam. Its better you get alerted by this, this platform do not have writers that attended most of those schools mentioned, it’s a common hype.


The quality of writing services rendered by is far below popular standard. This company do everything possible to take money from you but end up giving you worthless paper works in return. They are just fraud and nothing better.

PRICE: is not an affordable platform at all. They popularly advertise cheap writing services on their site, so as to catch clients with no prior experiences with them. They present the prices and some extra charges to the prospective clients once they request for a write up, believing they won’t want to reproach anymore.


This company has no competent writers, simply because many of them do not attend standard universities and they are just very lazy at doing quality research works. They get to disappoint most of their customers with what they deliver to them close to each deadlines given to them.


There are many evidences that have proven that is a company with inefficient support team. They are very rude to their clients and they have got no regards for them. They do not try to even satisfy their clients for once with their custom service.


The provision of 100% unique essays, thesis, dissertation or any other paper works are not done by this company. They have writers that are not competent to carry out pure research and deliver appreciable piece of writing to their clients.


From all the investigations that have been conducted for, we have realized that they are a fraud and they are not a nice choice to make when it comes to writing. They cheat clients and never deliver satiable writings to them.

Comments from students

Reid is frauds site!! The reality isn’t exactly that. In reality, you’ll pay a lot to get a paper from someone who might be good in writing, but is bad in writing in English. The writers here are not native speakers, which as you can assume, makes for a very mistaken paper.


I was making a career switch to IT and paid $94 for a one page cover letter, I paid extra so that it would be assigned to a top writer yet I couldn't believe what I got back. Extremely poor job. It was assigned to a writer with a 58% satisfactory rate, no IT experience. The writer had no clue what IT certification I just acquired even though I helped by giving her the website to the certification body so she can read more about it. She claim I had lots of experience in the IT field even though in the notes, I told her I was making a career switch and studying computer networking in college. I could go on and on.. I believe the positive reviews are fake.


The CV took 8 days to be written up not three as lead to believe, poor communication to advise me of this, and I had to chase up to find out that they were still working on it, would not recommend this livecustomwriting company for the money you pay!

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