– Review is an online service website that helps you with your essays and basically other write-up. Eduraft provides professional online services to relieve you of the work load of constructing and formulating English write-ups. The platform gives you unlimited access to the most refined and dedicated academic talent out there. But we know that you would love the best of this services and we are here to show if your place your trust at the palms of this company.


The company has a team that comprises of 54 writers and that is not enough resources for the demand that lies outside the company. The writers in this company consist of 6 masters degree holders, 5 with PhDs and 6 of them are based in the UK. Most of their writers here are not qualified for the job, this might cause major problems.


With this company’s services can you really achieve good grades? Based on reviews from our past customers that complained that their paper wasn’t what they were expecting to get, that the quality was really bad and that the focus word were not even put in the essay.


The prices here are well position in the average section. Getting an average essay containing a minimum of 500 words in two pages will cost you $38.65 which will get to you in a maximum 10 days. No discounts and no additional services.

COMPANY TRUST: company has failed to assure its customers of trust. Eduraft didn’t provide a physical address and also didn’t provide a privacy policy to assure its customers of security and protection of their information and private details.


Here in, getting touch with the customer service is really unbearable. It’s so hard to get replies about questions asked maybe concerning the pricing, advise concerning and maybe when there is an urgent issue that needed to be attended to. Eduraft customer agents take a long time to respond.

CONCLUSION: does a good job by putting up an eye catchy stuff for enticing the students in an urgent need of essay help. It displays a number of features that act as a bait for the students all over the UK. But that's not what the ones looking for an efficient essay or dissertation writing help should fall for.

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