– Review is a United Kingdom-based writing firm, with over ten years of origin. This company offers various types of writing services, such as Research writing, Personal statement, Editing and many more. The long existence of this writing firm does not add up to the quality of service been offers. Courseworksquare are yet to differentiate original content from plagiarized essays. They are not suitable for high profile research writing tasks.



The writers are still amateurs. His age changed his reasoning state. The skills necessary to produce quality content are lacking. Time management is a big problem. The editors of this company are unreliable and cannot rely on any academic writing work.


This professes to be the top essay writing service in the UK, which is absolutely incorrect. Their service delivery is poor. There are frequent delays in subject delivery because they do not have sufficient staff to work on their term of service. They are unable to provide quality content and cannot meet deadlines. Their services are epileptic. Many clients have complained over gross misconduct. They are not to be patronized by any means, and mainly by any student.The paper we got were quite shocking as we didn’t expect to have such quality of work, the made lot of errors both punctuation and grammatically. However, the customer support help got free amendments but after the amendments there were still errors.


This provider value bundle is very high. Despite the huge fee, Courseworksquare complete project work in a random manner, thereby positioning the student for low marks. This company should be highly ignored. The cost of academic paper to be done is very high. remains one of the most expensive writing service companies in the UK. Still, they lack the credibility to deliver the top quality job.The cost of academic paper to be done is very high. This site remains one of the most expensive writing service companies in the UK. Still, they lack the credibility to deliver the top quality job.


Much of the work is underestimated with poor quality and a wrong phrase. This company does not offer excellent service and should not be allowed to handle student text.This company is not to be trusted. They are not reliable. Their writers do not follow instructions. Courseworksquare lack efficient time management. They are no perfect fit for your academic paper. Avoid them by all possible means.They take pride in delay. Don't get cut in their webs.


If you desire a good grade, and you care for your future, avoid support team. Their services portray dishonesty and unworthy to provide adequate help for any queries. Their customer care personnel are irresponsible and cannot be trusted.


As for the option to look for a test provider, the decision is yours, but it ensures that your findings generate good academic credentials. On this note, avoid this company and look for a competent test provider in the UK.

Comments from students


I worked as a private tutor while at uni doing my post grad. One of my students got caught cheating, which was very surprising because she was very talented. She told me that she was stressed and ended up buying an essay from this company. They claimed it was original. They essentially sold her a recycled essay. The fact that they are allowed to sell essays to start with is frankly bizarre. Students beware.


Never give them any assignment to do. will never do it for you and even if they do you will not get what you want. I have the same experience and so I am warning. I do not want anyone to waste money like I did by giving them to write and getting a horrendous paper.


They are not removing plagiarism just in case once traced knowledge from totally different Courseworksquare websites and articles. They're ineffectual enough to make their own content writing.

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