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Their editorial team is always in haste. They hurriedly engage in editing and proofreading tasks without spending quality time to observe the grammars, punctuation marks and many other errors. This group of editors does not ascertain a satisfactory result for clients. Their proofreader lacks the will to ensure the best result is submitted to the client.


Dissertationbrits.co.uk is a fail editing and proofreading firm. Dissertationbrits do not deliver quality proofreading service. Their editors are always in a rush. They do not pay quality time to edit and correct errors. This UK editing firm cannot be recommended. Their shortfalls are too numerous and their service cannot guarantee a quality job.


There is no reasonable price associated with this editing and proofreading firm. Their prices are not fair when compared to other editing and proofreading companies within and outside of the Uk.


Dissertationbrits.co.uk is not a company to associate with. Even if Dissertationbrits are the sole editing firm in the UK. It is better to leave your dissertation undone instead of risking your academic career in the hands of this company personnel. There is no confidentiality, and client identity can easily be known by the third party. This company does not deserve any form of patronage. They are not to be trusted.


The 99 percent customer satisfaction they assure is untrue. Because their customer service personnel do not give top priority to customer requests. Their team of customer support is not reliable. There is always delay in response to client complaints. Their live chat is not effective. Dissertationbrits.co.uk customer support needs improvement.


After seven years of existence, this company cannot boost effective, efficient and quality service to the client. Dissertationbrits.co.uk is not reliable. This is not a perfect editing and proofreading firm to associate with. Dissertationbrits cannot be recommended to anyone, because they do not have the capacity to bring about quality service.

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