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The search of great quality providing companies in the online essay writing sector has become very difficult. Most providers that you see online may seem to be very promising but in the end you get disappointed by their output. is also a part of the numerous companies that provide only essay writing services to students or persons in need.

WRITER: is company that claims to hire only the pro’s on the business and nothing less. The company during our time of investigation had just a total of 62 writers working for them and to a very shocking surprise most of them were not as qualified as they claimed. Amongst the writers were 10 master’s degree holders and jus a number of 6 writers. The biggest problem is that none of their writers are UK based.


Surely the output and productivity of their service will surely be affected by this. The essays we ordered from this company contained numerous amounts of errors both grammatically and with the placing of the punctuations too. These mistakes were no different from the complaints from the reviews made by some past users.


The prices here are just well around the average standard price. Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay containing 500 words in two pages would cost $32.85 in This essay will be delivered in 10 days.


This is an essential part of in any business dealings. One must make sure that the company that he or she is dealing with is worthy of trust. This company didn’t provide any proof of residence for its clients to believe it’s not a cyber company but a physical one.


This company is not very vast in this field. Their support system is most times very slow and irresponsive. This issue also makes it very hard to communicate for a refund policy to be introduced when you’re not satisfied.


At the end of this review we have come to a conclusion that this company will definitely not provide you with the quality that you deserve. This a very poor standard company to come in terms with.

Comments from students

Matteo is the most horrible writing company ever known...don't trust them.

Judah is a legitimate scam. Even after being charged such an exuberant amount of money, the paper I received was not up to the mark. On further research, I found out that I was sold a re-used essay.


They say you don't pay until you are happy but I had to pay upfront and had no choice as to whether I paid . GARBAGE - STAY AWAY Researchpedia.

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