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If you're seeking an online writing service you can trust, avoid at all costs. Our reviews are grounded in thorough research and observations, unlike the misleading testimonials often found on other sites. Today, we're here to expose the truth about It's nothing but a scam. This platform has earned the dubious distinction of being labeled a scam website, and for good reason. Countless users have reported being duped by its false promises and shoddy service. From missed deadlines to plagiarized content and subpar quality, has left a trail of disgruntled customers in its wake. Despite its slick marketing tactics and enticing offers, the reality is far from rosy for those who entrust their academic needs to this unscrupulous operation. Don't be swayed by the glossy exterior—beneath the surface lies a cesspool of deceit and disappointment. Save yourself the headache and avoid at all costs. Your academic success deserves better than to be gambled away on a sham service like this.



This company's writing pattern is a far cry from modern-day standards. Despite claims of proficiency, their writers consistently churn out subpar content that fails to meet even the most basic criteria for quality. Reviews of their services paint a dismal picture, with many customers lamenting the lack of coherence, clarity, and depth in the papers they receive. It's abundantly clear that the talent pool at this company is sorely lacking, and this deficiency is only compounded by the overwhelming volume of orders they receive. With too few writers to handle the workload, it's no wonder that the quality of their academic papers leaves much to be desired. Customers who entrust their assignments to this company do so at their own peril, as there's little guarantee that they'll receive anything resembling a well-written paper in return. In an academic landscape where excellence is paramount, settling for mediocrity is simply not an option. It's imperative that students seeking writing assistance steer clear of this company and opt for more reputable and reliable services that prioritize quality above all else.


Throughout our investigative process, we engaged to compose essays, hoping to gauge the quality of their services firsthand. Regrettably, the results of our inquiry were disheartening, as the papers we received failed to meet even the most basic standards of proficiency. We were taken aback by the sheer abundance of errors present in the content, ranging from frequent punctuation missteps to glaring grammatical inaccuracies. Such deficiencies not only detract from the overall readability and coherence of the essays but also cast doubt on the competence and professionalism of the purportedly skilled writers employed by Despite the option for free amendments provided by their customer support team, our subsequent interactions yielded little improvement in the quality of the work. Even after multiple rounds of revisions, the persisting errors remained a prevalent issue, leaving us deeply dissatisfied with the level of service rendered. This recurrent pattern of subpar performance raises serious concerns regarding's ability to deliver on its promises of academic excellence and underscores the inherent risks associated with entrusting one's academic success to unreliable and inconsistent writing services. Ultimately, our experience serves as a cautionary tale for prospective clients, highlighting the need for discernment and scrutiny when selecting a writing service provider to avoid potential disappointment and academic setbacks.

PRICE: operates on a pricing model that factors in various parameters such as the level of the paper, deadline, and word/page count. While the company advertises relatively low prices, the quality of service often fails to match these cost-saving measures. For instance, securing a top-grade essay for $24.56, encompassing 500 words and a 10-day deadline, may seem appealing at first glance. However, the reality often falls short of expectations, with many clients experiencing subpar quality and inconsistencies in the delivered work. Despite offering enticing discounts of up to 15% for new customers, these savings may ultimately prove negligible in light of the compromised quality and lackluster service. Clients may find themselves disillusioned by the mismatch between the promised affordability and the actual value delivered, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and regret. Moreover, the pricing structure may obscure hidden costs or additional fees, further exacerbating the disparity between perceived value and actual service quality. Ultimately, while may tout competitive prices, the overall value proposition remains questionable, with clients risking compromised quality and unmet expectations in exchange for purported cost savings.


Boomessays has faltered significantly in its efforts to cultivate trust among its clientele. While the platform offers contact options such as emails and phone lines, it glaringly neglects to provide a physical address, a fundamental aspect of transparency and credibility. The absence of a physical address raises red flags and undermines the platform's legitimacy, leaving clients questioning its trustworthiness and authenticity. Without a verifiable physical location, users are left in the dark about the platform's operations, leading to heightened skepticism and apprehension regarding the reliability of its services. Moreover, the lack of transparency regarding its physical presence diminishes the platform's accountability and makes it difficult for clients to seek recourse in the event of disputes or grievances. By failing to provide a physical address, Boomessays effectively erodes trust and confidence among its clientele, signaling a lack of commitment to transparency and accountability. In an industry where trust is paramount, the platform's failure to establish a tangible physical presence only serves to further alienate clients and undermine its credibility in the eyes of discerning consumers.


The customer care system of the platform is abysmal, marked by its lack of responsiveness and sluggishness. Notably, the absence of a LiveChat feature further exacerbates the issue, depriving users of real-time assistance and support. Previous user complaints highlight the glaring inadequacies of the customer care team, with many expressing frustration over the lack of timely responses to their queries and complaints. This lack of responsiveness leaves users feeling neglected and undervalued, eroding trust in the platform's ability to address their needs effectively. Furthermore, the slow and inefficient customer support system reflects poorly on the platform's commitment to customer satisfaction and undermines its credibility as a reliable service provider. Inadequate customer support can lead to prolonged wait times for resolution, exacerbating user dissatisfaction and driving them to seek alternative solutions. Ultimately, the platform's deficient customer care system serves as a major deterrent for users seeking prompt assistance and support, tarnishing its reputation and hindering its ability to retain customers in a competitive market landscape.

CONCLUSION: has garnered numerous negative reviews, particularly regarding its pricing and customer care system. However, it falls short in terms of quality, output, and security. This trifecta of shortcomings makes it an undesirable option for those seeking reliable writing services. When it comes to quality, many users have reported subpar work, filled with errors and lacking in coherence. The output, or the timely delivery of completed assignments, is another area where falters. Many customers have complained about delayed submissions, causing frustration and inconvenience. Additionally, concerns about security have been raised, with users expressing apprehension about the safety of their personal and financial information on the site. Given these significant drawbacks, it's clear that fails to meet the expectations of its customers. For those seeking superior quality, timely delivery, and enhanced security, there are numerous other websites and companies that can provide a more satisfactory level of service.

Comments from students

Kellan was the worst decision I made in my life. Their so called “expert writers” have no knowledge of any formatting style. They did a terrible job. When I asked them for my refund as their policy stated, they denied it. All my money got wasted.


Listening to customer should be a priority in any company! But, doesn’t know what it is! None of my complaints about poor quality of the paper was accepted! I had to finish and proofread the paper on my own. Why did I waste money on their “service”?


Their work quality does not meet the satisfaction of the customers. Boomessays claimed that they will create original work but when they delivered the order they are incapable of encountering perfection.

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