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Writemypaperhub.com is an online website that provides writing services for different kind of jobs. Writemypaperhub moto is “Hard-work is the secret to our good reputation.” Today we will review them on 6 different criteria’s and will check, how much justified there services are to their own motto.


Writers are the very first thing on our list. Why? Well Writemypaperhub.com are the key employees for any writing company. After struggling for dozen of hours and playing with word they finally create a good copy, on the basis of which any writing company fill its moneybox. However in case of this particular website the only point where they acknowledge their writers is “WriteMyPaperHub is a high-quality academic writing service where you can hire experienced writers who gladly help students in need with their papers.” You will find it in first line of the first paragraph. Well the point is that if a company doesn’t acknowledge its core employees, writers in this case, what can you expect from that company? Because in other way you are just acting arrogant to the hours of hard work they have done for you. We rate them 1/5 for this.


This company base its quality of service on three thing, hasty delivery, competent experts and instant response. Let’s discuss these in descending order. Instant response: even though if you are not a good service provider you still would respond to your customer timely. So instant response doesn’t come in list of things require for quality services. It is actually pro or post quality service thing which affect the quality indirectly. Competent experts: well, it is better if we don’t go there as it is already mentioned above that Writemypaperhub.com company claims to have profession and expert writers, but does not provide any info regarding them on their website. Hasty delivery: doesn’t Writemypaperhub sound odd that a company which is responsible for providing writing services is talking about “hasty delivery”, because we all know haste makes a waste. Timely delivery would be a good word but hasty makes me feel that all they wat is to deliver a writing to you doesn’t matter even if it is your project or not.We rate them 0/5 for this.


Their pricing plan is pretty good and detailed. They provide you a general pricing plan which depends upon factors such as urgency, your academic level, number of pages and type of paper. According to this plan you would have to pay $28 for your sophomore year assignment if your urgency is of 24 hours. But there is another pricing plan which also depend on same factor with plus point that you can choos what kind of writing you want. Here you would have to pay $16 for 14 days urgency and 16pages of essay of sophomore essay. We rate them 2/5 for this.


Though their pricing method is good but don’t forget that they don’t provide any information regarding their writers and also their claim to best quality isn’t that much trustworthy. Moreover there are no proper testimonials. If you go to the section “we take pride in our happy customers” you will find number of testimonials but there are not even names attach to it. They may be true or they maybe ghost who knows. But after all this it’s a bit hard to trust them. So we rate them 1/5.


Sadly this website only provides you with a phone number, and email id and a physical address. There is no option for live chat or social media accounts, which are necessary in current era of social media. We rate them 2/5 here.


Since Writemypaperhub.com don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point. So we rate them 0/5.


This company is not even above average if you look towards their rating. Their rating according to us is 1/5. Which isn’t even average. So we won’t ask you to trust them blindly or to order their services. However there are other companies in the market with better pricing and better services you can always search for them. After all it is about your hard earned money.

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