– Review is an online writing company with many flaws in it. In following we are going to review its website.


However the company claims to have a team of specialists, yet there is no mention of such specialist writers on a website. This is the start of the problem. As company is hiding its main employees from its customers.


In quality of work depends upon the quality of a writer. A good writer can create a good copy in no time as compared to that of an amateur writer. So no writer basically means no quality.


One of the major lag of this company is that its website doesn’t have any pricing section or price calculator. So you basically don’t know how much is the service going to cost you?


However the company present testimonials which feel like fake to me and the reason for that is that there is no link given with these testimonials, but Besthomeworkhelpers feel more like a random quote with random name with them.


The Besthomeworkhelpers provides you with three numbers one for UK based customers, The other one for US based customers and the last one for WhatsApp, in addition to their Facebook, twitter and mail id. But in the modern era it is not enough. What if you want to inquire about the company in personal? But you won’t have the address as they haven’t shared it yet.


Since don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a Besthomeworkhelpers with no pricing and no pricing calculator, doesn’t provide much information about the company, has no proper customer support according to current era and cannot be tested for plagiarism is surely no company to trust. Overall Rating: 1.5/10

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