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WRITER: writers do not understand the value of providing relevant and comprehensive assignment tasks. Their writers do not have the desire to engage in thorough research on the subject given. Myassignmentservices also fail to follow project guidelines. Most of their writers do not speak English as their first official language.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is not a reliable assignment service to look after your project. They have failed to provide students with quality assignment help since their origin. There is a minimal number of students who have used their services due to a poor result. Myassignmentservices do not pay attention to assignment instructions. 18 out of 20 clients are dissatisfied once they use their services.


There is no reasonable quote in There prices is not competitive compared to another writing firm. They do not have a flexible payment system. Their price is not fair and cannot guarantee effective results.


A writing firm that a majority of clients not proud of is not fit to be trusted by anybody. Their content does not pass plagiarism test. over 80 to 90 percent of their assignment help is mar with plagiarism. There is no guarantee to attain proficient and quality result. It is wise to resist any offer from this company. This company does not have an on-time delivery spirit. Their services are not be trusted. Myassignmentservices do not worth the stress, avoid them and seek an alternative.


Their Whatsapp portal is not responsive. The client stays for days before they can get feedback from customer support staffs. Their services do not promote quality and prompt service.


The 100 percent satisfaction you need for academic assignment help cannot be ascertained by this company. does not guarantee fast and smooth delivery of content. Avoid them if you seek good academic grades.

Comments from students


Too pricey for such unprofessional writers and rude support members who don`t know themselves how their service works. If really need to get your essay written then keep looking since this website is a total waste of money.


This is a sad thing if you see your CV somewhere and for that, you have paid high charges. company does not have its own templates. They are freely copying the designs of other online companies.


Myassignmentservices agency is where you will see a lot of graphical representation of their work but when they deliver order, you will be surprised to see the original destroyed document.

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