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Eacademictutor.co.uk are fully opposite to their name, they will never rush to complete your essays for any final submission in decided time. Eacademictutor provide to serve you with a big range of services like content drafting, proofreading, application service, and dissertation services. They will promise to make you capable to get high grades in your assignments, but the service they offer you is fully a waste of time. The material you get after completion is not up to the wanted standards.


Eacademictutor.co.uk claimed that their staff will provide you top standard stuff to get done your projects with wanted aptitudes. Eacademictutor never proved the capability of their staff with the service they offer. Whatever you ask them to write, all with just go to waste. You will find your stuff having different flaws in content quality, competency, phrasing, sentence structure and grammar.


Eacademictutor.co.uk standard of service is extremely deprived and lower standard. Eacademictutor first take orders from the customer, being so cheesy and then end-up making unclear excuses of not completing the project on time. You can say they just used to waste your precious time waiting for the product to be done and then outcome in zero productivity.


They have no good reason for charging a high price for a poor service. Other competitors provide really top standard stuff at very rational prices. Seriously, who will agree to purchase an expensive thing with zero advantages? I found no reason to convince you for buying a bad service in the offered package.


Repute, trust and goodwill are the intangible assets a business could have to motivate his customers more and more. But this site has just been failed to please its clients with its product standard. They produced nothing to win their customers confidence.


They claim to respond 24/7 covering all platforms like phone call, email and chat. But that is fully bogus statement, the site is not well-structured to help you in getting standard service in described tenure. They would not feedback you in time or sometimes, their feedback would lack the size of detail you asked for.


Eacademictutor.co.uk is not valuable to bring about the best standard job. They are several UK based writing company who can handle your assignments projects accurately and efficiently, without further regrets or addle seek for their assistance.

Comments from students


Do not use this https://eacademictutor.co.uk company. I had a really bad experience with them. They also lie to their customers. They do not get you the grade you pay for. The quality of their work is really poor. They company also does not take ownership and does not care if they give you a bad grade. They do not care if they lied to you. They also do not offer any sort of monetary compensation for the mess they caused. Although for me it wasn’t even about the money. It was the face that they messed up my work twice and lied to me. If anyone does not believe me, I am more than happy to personally email you conversations of how they cheated me and lied to me. As well as how they got me a bad grade in the end.


This is 100% scam eacademictutor.co.uk website. They're fooling you with the design of the website. The address they have in their website is fake too. Everything about this website is fake. They sent me a paypal link on my email to pay for the homework. I paid $200 as initial payment to start working on my homework. When you try to contacting them via email they will not respond. Even if you're trying to reach them using the live chat support they will procrastinate with a reply. DON'T get fooled.


This is a sad thing if you see your CV somewhere and for that, you have paid high charges. Eacademictutor company does not have its own templates. They are freely copying the designs of other online companies.

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