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Oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk is an online website that provides writing, editing and proof-reading services. Today we will review them on 6 different criteria’s and will check, how much justified there services are to their own claims of being best in the services.



However the website looks good, and the companies claim to have native English speaking editors and writers yet there is no mentioning of those expert writers on the website. Now if someone is looking for a good writing service provider, he/she would first look for a good writer. Criteria of being a good writer is judged by the qualifications and quantity and quality or previously done works. If a website claims to be the best in the market and to have native writers than it must take the responsibility of showing its aces, writers profile in this case. But if Oxbridgedissertationhelp fail to do so, not only they but their ideology and their claims of being best and native writers fail in actual. Though they claim that their writers are masters and PhDs holder but that’s a claim without a proof.


Though the promise to create a non-plagiarized, proof read and timely delivered work. Yet there is nothing given to support this promise. They do not provide any kind of samples to check plagiarism or that could be proof read, moreover there are no testimonials or reviews section. They don’t provide you with any info regarding education of their writers. Their website is not that much info providing. Its al about their policies and promises. They don’t provide you with a general pricing plan or a calculator for price.


Oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk don’t have any pricing method or plan on their website. There isn’t even a pricing calculator. Oxbridgedissertationhelp won’t even provide you with a quote as there is no section even for making an order. So you would have to ultimately mail them or call them in order to place an order, which actually feels kind of old school in today’s market.


A company is being trusted by new or potential customer via their testimonials and 3rd party based stats. While in this case there is lack of both things. Oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk company doesn’t provide you with any 3rd party stat or any kind of testimonials.


Their customer support comprises of a phone number, a live chat, an email id and a physical address only. There are no social ids. Basically they are very old school when it comes to customer support.


Oxbridgedissertationhelp don’t provide any samples on their site that could be checked for plagiarism. And since the testimonials are not available so we can’t trust either Oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk provide plagiarism free work or not.


Their rating according to us is 1/5. Which isn’t even average. So we won’t ask you to trust them blindly or to order their services. However there are other companies in the market with better pricing and better services you can always search for them. After all it is about your hard earned money.

Comments from students


When I placed my order, I clearly mentioned the requirements for my paper, and their writer completely ignored them. Is this even a writing service? I mean what’s the use of running a https://oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk website like this, if you can’t deliver on what you promise.


The grammar and sentence structure of my thesis wasn’t up to the mark. Come on guys, this wasn’t just any old ordinary paper, my whole academic success was dependent upon it and oxbridgedissertationhelp.co.uk made me look really bad in front of my professor. Never trust these guys with your thesis people!


I submitted a research paper, the content written was mediocre, and the formatting was completely un-organized, there was no proper structure to the research. I had to do it all again myself. I will surely demand a refund for such lame oxbridgedissertationhelp service.

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