– Review is a professional UK assignment writing service. According to them here’s what make them the most ideal choice for you:

• Outstanding and top-notch assignment
• Assurance of plagiarism free work
• Free revisions for utmost satisfaction
• Speedy delivery of the completed assignment
• Direct communication with the writer


WRITER: offered to provide you good quality service for any type of writing. But actually, Assignmentbox are not elite in any case. You may order them getting impressed by their website interface or cool behavior. But after the job has been done, you will find yourself stuck in a hell. No time for amendment, no time for any other better service and this file is not well enough to be submitted. They provide information on their so called authors.


They claim too much on the quality of the service they provide. They claim to complete the tasks on time and to be very efficient in the execution of their orders. You should never rely on your quality of service. Since you've never reached the limit, you can risk all your efforts simply by choosing a lower quality service. They do their best to attract customers who, for the first time, are very receptive before the order, but once the buyer knows your service, you will never be a victim again.


Their prices range as follow:

Urgency                         2.2 standard     2.1 standard     First class
24 Hours                       £23.50               £25.50              £29.50
48 Hours                       £20.50               £22.50             £26.50
3 Days                            £17.50               £19.50              £23.50
4 days                            £14.50               £16.50              £20.50
6 days                            £12.50               £14.50              £15.50
10 days or more          £11.50               £13.50              £14.50

The price charge for the bad service they offered is never feels unreasonable. That is not justifiable for the quality of service they deliver. Assignmentbox are blamed by their customers for charging high price for a down-graded service.


The most important factor for a client, to make a deal with a business, is trust. If a company get failed to maintain enough trust, they get failed completely. And Assignmentbox has faced a large number of complains about breaking confidence and trust, you may check the details in reviews of their website. They are so many bad testimonies about them on their website; it is not advisable for any student to patronize this site.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: brags to respond you immediately via live chat, messages, emails, live call etc. But that is a totally false statement; the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in helping you contact with them for some considerable issues. Assignmentbox either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would not even helpful to solve your issue.


I will definitely not recommend anyone to make a deal with this site. Be alert of fakes and fraudsters to avoid any inconveniences. You should go for some better website to have your task completed in time. Working with is not more than just wasting your resources for no gain. You should try to find some better service for completing your essays and assignment is time. This website will get a rate of 1.5/5 from my Reviews uk.

Comments from students


Fraud company do not use! My assignment written badly more like a primary school student not a masters level! My instructions not followed and they are now ignoring all my emails for a refund!!!!! Do not use


They asked for a 12-hour extension 2 hours before the deadline on an 8-hour paper. When I received the late paper, it was plagiarized, non-sensical, just absolutely terrible


Assignmentbox collaborates with freelancers market and writing services to facilitate youngsters with their academic tasks. The writers are actually freelancers who are young but not professionals. The website is designed for facilitation but in reality they are a fraud.

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