Dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk – Review

Dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk is an online platform that provides unlimited to the qualified individuals that can give a standard and well constructed essay and dissertation write-up. This company’s mission is to encourage professional, academic excellence and constant development in learning by all cost and by offering exceptional dissertation and essay writing services. They also aim at making their customers stand out in the domain of studies. This review is based on recent finding and research, it is here as a guideline to help you know if this company is best for you.



Dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk has just a number of 52 writers which is not valued as a standard number of workers that is required to conquer the large number of task force that this company gets. Within the 52 writers there are 10 of them with Master’s degree and 8 of them are PhD holders.


The quality of a write up should be the main focus before one makes the decision of placing an order with a company like Dissertationprposalwriting.co.uk. The quality of the services that this company renders on your paper is quite discouraging as there have been so many complaints by previous customers about their papers lacking originality.


Price is another important aspect that either encourages customers to persuade or discourages one from dealing in a business. The price charged as considered as you can get a Grade A level kind of essay for $25.48 with 500 words and two pages and 10 days to be delivered.


Dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk just provided phone lines and emails; these are not enough proof of authenticity and trust. Dissertationproposalwriting did not provide a physical address and there was no private policy given during the process of registration which means that they don’t offer security to your details.


The customer support system is very responsive but it lacks the most impressive form of platform messaging which is the LiveChat feature. The emails and phone lines are very responsive but not as effective as the LiveChat.


At the end of the review we came to a conclusion that Dissertationproposalwriting is not in any way a high quality company and has failed woefully to bring the kind of satisfaction that was promised to its customers. We recommend that you try other services out there that can give an assurance of security and good quality too.

Comments from students


Don't fall for their advertisements or lucrative offers. They are completely misleading. I took https://dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk from them last week which was delivered last light. The writing seems like it's done by some kid. Plus the structure was very poorly built.


Dissertationproposalwriting.co.uk writer copied text from websites that I found while google searching phrases they used and attributed the citation after these phases to legitimate works, but the works only had a general similar topic (business) but not specific topic (business entities). After looking up the sources and using control "F" on the document I could see that there was no correlation between my essay and the document cited.


Trust is a primary element of any business but this dissertationproposalwriting site is unable to understand this. They do not pay attention to the commitments that they made with the clients. Overall, they are fake and scamming the people. This attitude is a barrier between the author and the client and their friendly relationship.

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