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WRITER: offered to provide best essays written by expert writers worldwide. But, it seems like they had just hired some illiterate men on the website to deal with you and to spoil your quality time in random meaningless discussion of the issue. You spend probably half of your time telling them your case to be offered for essay writing and the other half waiting to get the work done. Finally, you end up getting a file and when you review it, you finally realise that you just wasted all of your time waiting for a dump file. Sometimes they even get failed to convey the task in time. The website has a meagre staff which is not much competition to provide you with a good stuff. So, I suggest you do a thorough analysis of the site before assigning them any task.


To be honest, I suggest you not to rely on quality of service, because it is not up to the described standards. Courseworkclub will try their best to capture the clients being very responsive to you before order. But once the deal has done they will just start neglecting your priorities regarding assigned work. Pity is that you wouldn’t find any reliable source to complain about their poor quality service even.

PRICE: price is really not much suitable for the quality of service they deliver. Courseworkclub charge a high price and the service they offer is down as hell. They will offer you a discount on first order but that is still a high price after discount. If you do a little research you will finds that their competitive websites provide better stuff at very reasonable prices. I would honestly accuse them of overcharging.


The website did a lot of fuss to lose their trust in working markets. They got failed to satisfy their customers’ needs. Visiting their sites thoroughly I just found that either they got negative or fake reviews for the services being offered. The company has just lost its trust for the product, customer support service, communication and marketing.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: claim to respond within seconds covering all platforms like email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. without any considerable delay. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. Courseworkclub either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would lack the length of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing.


Covering the story in a nutshell, I would recommend you to go find for some better website to get your job done. Instead of wasting time on a place like Course Work Club you should invest your time and money in some productive package. They just pretend to do your job nicely but sell really poor services. I will definitely not recommend a service platform like this, instead I will rate them 1 out of 5.

Comments from students

Cadence claim to offer round the clock but half of the time I did not even get the reply to my calls or emails. The assignment was not delivered to me within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my college and I had to ask for an extension from my professor. The quality of the work was also not up to the mark.


First of all . I thought this is a really good website to order my paper from . But it was not like that. So I ordered an essay from, it turned out looks like some sort of ESL student writing essay for you. tbh I felt like they so desperately to keep adding money Their customers and forgetting the quality of writing. Lastly, like the others said they called after placed order , representatives has Indian accents.


The prices of Courseworkclub services are terribly high as compared to the opposite agencies. They’re not giving a refund to you if in any case, you quit from your order.

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