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The company states that all writers it has are a native English speaker. We found, that this claim of the company is not true. Only a few writers are native, the rest of the writers are not native English speakers. In addition to this, they are not well experienced to write a standard essay for customers.


The company has not included any sample of papers on the site. However, offsite reviews informed us that the company provides poor writing and contradiction in essays. The team of this company is also not able to understand the topic of the essay. They just write what they want to write.


The company offers 275 words on $10 which means that the 2000 words essay will be charged in hundreds of dollars. This is quite an expensive company.


Most of the deliveries by this company are delayed which shows untrustworthiness of the company. The late delivery may not be a problem for everyone, but it can entangle those in trouble who have a tight deadline for submission of work.


Regarding customers support system, it is one of the worst companies. The site does not provide help to customers after placing an order. The staff even do not bother to answer them. It is a big question on company reliability.


We found plagiarized contents in the company writings. Plagiarism can ruin the career of a student. He may be failed in school because of plagiarism.


We concluded that the company is not friendly. It is an expensive company for nothing but plagiarism and bad quality. The students should keep themselves away from the company as it can be proved too troublesome for them.

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