– Review is an online website that provides editing services for different kind of writing jobs. Professionaleditors moto is "we will guide you."Today we will review them on 6 different criteria’s and will check, how much guidance they can actually provide you?


The basics for testing any editing services starts by testing its editors. If the editors are good and experience then the company will be good service provider quality wise. But if the editor is not experienced than there is no certainty about the company’s profile either. Same is the problem with this company. This company does not provide any info regarding its editors. acknowledge them by using word ‘professional” so many times in section “why choose us?” that it literally gives you a headache. All you know through it is that there editors are professional and their whole team is professional. But Professionaleditors haven’t provide you any standard, academic or previous and current works, to measure that. So there is no authenticity about their editors. We rate them 1/5.


This company base its quality of service on three things project editing, dissertation consultancy and assignment editing. But if you look closely, they themselves are not 100 percent in any of these fields according to their own website. Moreover they look more like experts in editing than writing, so you can’t expect them to create a fresh and good content for you. All they would do for you is to find mistakes in already created work. This mean it will be a double effort for you. First to create the content and then to be edited by them. If you look at some fun facts section you will find multiple stats but you won’t find link or mentioning of any third-neutral party that has conducted those stats. Which means that company is false claiming them. So after all this you can actually judge their quality. We rate them 1/5 .


So there is no pricing plan on this website. To get one you would have to register on their website first. Which mean that Professionaleditors don’t provide a general or universal pricing plan for their services. We rate them 0/5 for this.


So they don’t have a pricing method, they don’t provide any information regarding their editors. Moreover there are no proper testimonials. If you go through the website properly you won’t find any legitimate testimonial. All you will find is testimonials with first name only. Forget about academic and professional info they are not even sharing last name of their testimonials. How can you trust them? That may be a true testimonial or maybe a ghost, who knows? But after all this it’s a bit hard to trust them. So we rate them 1/5.


Yes! You can contact them only via phone number, a live chat and an email address. There are no social ids and forget about physical addresses. Though these are necessary things these days due to increasing amount of scams and frauds, but I think they don’t care. We rate them 2/5.

PLAGIARISM: don’t provide any kind of sample that could be check for plagiarism, but since they are more into editing kind of business so we think that isn’t much important and they are right in this case. But still they could have provided with their previous work samples we rate them 1/5 .


This company is not even above average if you look towards their rating. Their rating according to us is 1/5. Which isn’t even average. So we won’t ask you to trust them blindly or to order their services. However there are other companies in the market with better pricing and better services you can always search for them. After all it is about your hard earned money.

Comments from students


I'm surprised no one has taken legal action against them. THEY ARE LIARS; * promised me a refund for the work that did not even make sense, instead when I asked for it after she went against her words!! also, faked that * was a manger, THEY ARENT EVEN BRITISH, PLEASE AVOID! if anyone wants to join, we could take legal action!


I received my essay two days before the deadline, but my god was it one of the worst essays company I have seen in my life. It was for an undergraduate level class and I think if I submitted it I would have failed the assignment.


A perfect Professionaleditors of awful essays. Do you feel like wasting your time and money for the paper that will fail you in college? Do you feel like dropping out? In case you have said yes to any of those - welcome to the professionaleditors. They failed to develop my order and I`m sure the same will happen with yours. Stay aware if you are eager to try working with them.

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