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The site claims that it has more than 580 writers, but no details of them and qualification proof is available on the site. This shows that site writers are not well qualified and native English speaker.


Another flaw of this company is that there is no page on its site that offers sample papers of the writers. This means that site quality is not good. Therefore, we visited offsite to check the company capability concerning the quality of the service. Therein we found past customers review in which the majority has reported that they have received papers from this company containing a lot of morphological and syntactical errors.


This company charges $170 for 10 pages of under graduation paper. This is quite a high price from the rest of the writing services companies.


Regarding the delivery of the services, this company is not reliable. Many customers have reported that they receive fewer grades in school due to the late delivery of the work from this site.


The company has very active customer support staff, but before placing order. Once the order is placed you will not find any print of their foot. Besides, when they are asked for refund or revision you can face the impolite tone of the staff.


Many reports have been received that the site provides papers which are not originals. We found three customers reviews who have complained that about 40 to 50% plagiarized material was included in their papers.


So, is the good option to work with? Indeed! Never. Students should not opt for this company for papers writing. Because of poor writers and quality, high prices, late delivery and plagiarized materials.

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