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Speedyassignment.co.uk is one of the worse UK writing firms I have ever seen in the writing industry. Speedyassignment offer epileptic assignment writing services, such as Research papers, editing, dissertation and so on. Despite their long years of existence, this writing company cannot boost of positive feedback from clients.


A large number of writers this writing company claim to have at their disposal are not experienced enough. They lack the core value or the educational know how to bring about the proficient academic assignment. They do not follow instructions, and they are full of flimsy excuses.


Quality of service rendered in this writing firm is nothing but worse. Their writers are so inefficient and unreliable. The ability to keep to time and deliver an error-free paper is a major problem. There is a belief system that good quality of service will position a company for future and better patronage. Unfortunately this writing firm is not the best company to handle student academic research. The high level of errors and plagiarism in their assignment delivery is something else.


The sad thing about Speedyassignment.co.uk is that they don't care about your future patronage or quality, instead they are engrossed with the profit they are going to make off you. Speedyassignment.co.uk charge client per words, the student may end up paying an outrageous amount. There is no cheap price package associated with this company. It is a clear indication that they are after your money, not the quality you desire.


You will agree with me that quality product increases sales, but bad product or services bring a negative review and bad reputation. At Speedyassignment.co.uk they lack a positive mindset to bring about efficient and reliable service. Their payment portal is not secure can be a great avenue for internet thefts and hackers to access prospective clients details. Speedyassignment is no trust, nor credibility found in this company. Most students in the UK always get angry at the mention of this company name due to their ways of handling student projects.


The customer support team is porous and lousy. They are unreasonable. They handle all their social media contact handles like Skype, WhatsApp, email with a great level of inefficiency. They like the needed zeal to aid customer complaints.


This company ring the loudest bell in the circles of UK students, not because they are proficient in what they do. But because of the alarming and increasing rate of plagiarism, piracy, photocopy found in their assignment. Speedyassignment.co.uk is bad news. Speedyassignment cannot guarantee original content. Don't try to patronize them, because it will end in regrets and dismay.


Speedyassignment.co.uk is not worthy to bring about the top quality job. There a several UK based writing firm who can handle your assignment project efficiently and accurately, without further addle or regrets seek for their assistance.

Comments from students


Missed a deadline and refused to offer any kind of compensation for it. Completely indifferent to the trouble they've caused me. Despicable https://speedyassignment.co.uk company, avoid at all costs.


Nevertheless it`s Speedyassignment.co.uk - their services are weak and totally awful. Somehow it seems like writers do not actually know what task they are assigned to and what the client wants them to write down. The support team of qualifiedwriters doesn`t make it any easier for customers or writers. No accurate answer on timing was given to me. Regret using this service...


Speedyassignment company is serving students as their PhD supervisor. The writers of the site presented as doctorates and highly experienced in the research field but the reality is totally opposite because the writers are unable to produce original research in each criterion.

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