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The company has stated on the site that it has both native English speakers and English as second language writers. But, as no information of writers is available on the site, the customers are required to hire a writer without knowing his background. This is a bad impression of the site.


The customers expect flawless papers when they pay a high rate, but surprisingly the company do not provide. The site has not provided any sample paper which shows a lack of trust. However, we concluded from offsite customer reviews that sling words are commonly found in the company papers. Besides, no transitions are used to connect paragraphs and sentences in a good manner.


When it comes to pricing of the company, you will that if you are buying a diamond necklace, not a paper. Because one-page writing of Master level in 8-hour delivery cost is $50.6. in addition to this, in such a less time, 8 hours, what will be the quality of the paper? This is quite strange.


No information of writers is provided nor any sample paper of them, which force us to conclude that the site is not trustworthy.


The site staff can be contacted via email, phone and chat, but if you are lucky. It is not very responsive and helpful. Besides, in case of dispute concerning the bad quality of paper, you will face impoliteness by the site staff members.


Some customers reviews indicate that they have received papers containing 40 to 50 % plagiarism. Thus, we can say that this company is a scam.


We strongly urge people not to use the company for writing purposes. The big problems of the company are expensive rate, bad quality, impolite customer support staff and plagiarized work.

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