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The site writers are working in a team but they are unable to provide work on each criterion in a very well defined manner. They are committed to make original and unique essays on each criterion for students of graduate and degree seekers. But when they deliver the work you can find unprofessionalism in their writing.


The work quality is very cheap. They are unable to write in Standard English because the writers are not native English speakers. The content of the essay is unstructured and the context of the essays does not meet any sense. The overall performance of this company that is working globally is poor.


The package they decide for the essay writing is not affordable for students. They are not flexible and don’t even think that they are working for students. If someone asks for a concession of any offer they never pay any attention to it and never show empathetic behavior.


Zessays.com is providing online writing services globally but they are not trustworthy. This company is a fraud because what they commit to provide never fulfill it. They are only making money and playing with the innocent minds of the students.


This company is unable to provide you with legitimate writing services. They are unable to provide you orders around the clock. The response timing is slow and the writers are unable to reply on time about the questions of customers.


This site aimed to deliver original, researched and plagiarized content but the clients are not happy with this site. They are incapable of producing original knowledge on diverse criteria.


After thoroughly analyzing the site it is our wise advice to students not use this site for your academic writing. We do not recommend these unlearned writers for your future.

Comments from students


Worst Dissertation writing service, they have their own fake review websites, so I ordered them online, when I actually ordered I did not work on time. https://www.zessay.com team didnt even respond to me.


Honestly awful! I shouldn't have ever tried to pay someone to write my essay but I was in a rush and stupidly trusted all the fake good reviews zessay.com scattered over the internet. I asked them for a paper in 12 hours and they sent me a paper covering a completely different subject area and did not follow the instructions I sent them at all upon purchase. They're very slow to get back to me and ignores my requests for a refund. Please never purchase anything from this company and do NOT trust them at all costs!


Do not use this zessay company. I had a really bad experience with them. They also lie to their customers. They do not get you the grade you pay for. The quality of their work is really poor. They company also does not take ownership and does not care if they give you a bad grade. They do not care if they lied to you. They also do not offer any sort of monetary compensation for the mess they caused. Although for me it wasn’t even about the money. It was the face that they messed up my work twice and lied to me. If anyone does not believe me, I am more than happy to personally email you conversations of how they cheated me and lied to me. As well as how they got me a bad grade in the end

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