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Qualified writers are really scarce to get when it comes to online writing companies. For this case now, only use cheap and incompetent writers to sort every of their orders. The writers too, often end up delivering poor-quality works.


The way this company handle her own writing service is very displeasing and most clients have bitterly complained about this. We have realized that, this company that deals with writing of admission papers and other stuffs, can not even help you secure good admission, you will be given poor write ups for your money.


It is very hard for most students to really cope with the level of payment requested for every writing help that this company offers. This is actually due to the fact that the bills are too high. There is no consideration put in place to ensure potential clients even have a change to fall back on when done with a single order.

COMPANY TRUST: is a writing company that has done too many bad than good, and as a result they have lost reasons for them to be trusted. Various clients affirmed the claim that this company has scammed many persons and that they are truly a fraud.


Its very disgusting for anyone to really need get a feedback from a company you have given a writing work to and get no response instead. This is an issue lots of clients often face from this company, and that has been due to the bad support team they work with.


Most of the writings done for respective students after their money has been taken is just not unique. This company hardly provides any work that even passes plagiarism check, so there is no 100% original work guarantee for you.


In conclusion, most of your admission helps should be better requested from a different company instead of, as they will end up disappointing you. This company has no refund policy despite how far they have not been able to meet most requirements of their clients.

Comments from students


The website is not fair and the writers are horrible. I requested my refund and the refused to give me my money back since I wasn’t satisfied. After that, they gave the writer all my money without my permission.


Poor quality and a considerable delay spoiled my impression of service. Though it was a pleasure to work with their friendly support service the final result turned out to be disappointing.


The service quality of this admissionland site is very cheap. They are not competent enough to make their clients satisfied. The writers are not available for one-to-one communication.

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