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WRITER: writing team does not guarantee a speedy and effective delivery of the project. Assignmentlounge specialize in writing lengthy and boring assignments. Avail yourself the privilege to avoid stress and dismay by ignoring the writing services of this assignment provider firm.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: are incapable of delivering quality and standout assignment tasks for students. Assignmentlounge cannot be your one-stop solution for assignment writing. Though they pride themselves to be the best UK assignment provider but is a mere word for self-exhortation. They face a hard time creating a quality and unique contents for students. They are not the perfect fit for an efficient service.


Writing assignment from the scratch is not the problem, at what cost do you render this service, and how effective and efficient this service? is another thing. prices are very high but do not prioritize quality, they tend to undermine quality for high cost. Do not be deceived by the 15 percent discount code they claim on their site.

COMPANY TRUST: staffs are not vast enough to handle academic assignment tasks. Their research methodology is poor and very narrow, they lack the ability to conduct sufficient and quality research before writing. Assignmentlounge undermine the timely delivery of the project, always associated with delays. Over 90 percent of their client as disregarded this UK assignment writing service due to their inefficiency and lack of well-organized research job. They are not to be reckoned with. This company does not have the vibes to guarantee a standard or premium quality.


Their team of support staffs are not professionally inclined, they lack customer management skills. They attend to the client in an aggressive manner. customer service team is not friendly in nature. Their response time is discouraging. This company customer service does not guarantee 100 percent client satisfaction.

CONCLUSION: cannot be relied upon for quality assignment. Assignmentlounge can disappoint very well, and they lack the expertise to deliver an excellent assignment for students.

Comments from students


I don't think so. company is relatively new in business and only started taking orders from the month of September and your comment was posted in August which shows its a total fraud review. I know because a friend of London who also happens to hold a doctoral degree is working for them. I think you are the one who is a scammer commenting negative comments about businesses. Complaints Board please look into this matter.

Meghan hardly managed to follow my lines with the paperwork. I didn`t ask for much, only to finish my essay (11 pages plus some deductive materials) in one week. I wonder why the task turned out to be incomplete for them. Is it such a strange and uncommon thing - an essay?


The work quality of this site is unable to encounter the needs of the students because the authors are unable to produce real and unique content on different topics. Assignmentlounge never pay any attention to the instructions of the customers and even the deadline is nothing for them. They are ruining the future of the innocent students.

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