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WRITER: company does not have professional writers and editors for project management. Shinyessays lack expert writers to write on the diverse field. Also, their writers are not good in research analysis. They are not versatile in academic writing.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: does permit the client to enjoy premium quality essay. They lack effective time delivery of the project. All of their assignments, essay, and research are very low in quality. They do not ensure the best hands handle your project. They are an ineffective company that produces adulterated essay writing services. Do not entrust your academic paper under their care. They do not bring about the success and promotion you yearn for in your academic career.


Shinyessays promise a sign-up discount of 20 percent. The truth is, their price is not friendly and do not promote quality service. Their prices are not flexible and there is no honesty in their package. They charge the highest price in the writing market. Their seasonal offer comes with the low quality of essay paper.


Their team of writers has a low qualification to create a standout essay paper for educational purpose. They do not provide a convenient and reliable writing service to the client. The client request is often undermined. They defile project instructions. company does not attract good patronage. 86 percent of the essay paper find it difficult to pass plagiarism test.


There is no availability of customer support service within 24 hours of request. Shinyessays customer service help is epileptic. Their team of support staffs does not listen to clients request or complaint. They are incompetent in handling clients questions. They lack the skill to endure. They are not helpful at all, and shouldn't be contacted.


Faith or trust in is trouble. They are not credible writing firm to entrust your paper task. Their price policy is not economical and cannot ascertain proficient service delivery.

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