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Their writing pattern is very poor. If you are undergraduate and you need help for personal statements and other forms of academic writings, do avoid Oxbridgepersonalstatements.com. Oxbridgepersonalstatements writers are not reliable and are not confident to bring about quality service.


Oxbridgepersonalstatements.com is not an efficient writing service to rely on. This company claims to use professional teams to construct personal statement for students and clients, but their write up is always devoid of grammatical errors. Though they claim to offer editing service to over 106 universities in the UK, but this is not a base for quality and efficient service. Oxbridgepersonalstatements are not reliable cannot be given the opportunity to deal with any personal statement tasks.


The primacy placed on price is very high. They value and respect their price package than the client. The fact that they charge so high does not make them provide a quality and unique service. The 100 percent money back guarantee is not real.


Majority of students both UK students and international student are dissatisfied over the manner they handle the project. They lack the ability to provide a dedicated writing and editing service in the area of law, medicine, dentistry, and veterinary projects. The company trust is far below expectation. There is no project anonymity, they can reveal client identity to the general public. If you are undergraduate or postgraduate do yourself a big favor by running away from this company offers.


Customer service personnel are not reliable. They are not proficient in their conducts. They do not address the client in an appropriate manner. Oxbridgepersonalstatements.com team of support staff does not follow up client request, to ensure issues are resolved. They tend to deviate from guidelines. The support channels is not really operational, Oxbridgepersonalstatements are delays in replies to customer calls or emails.


Oxbridgepersonalstatements.com does not have experience in writing and editing an ideal personal statement. They lack the required skills to make a standout or a special personal statement.

Comments from students


I confidently placed an order with these people and they delivered poorly done work! Poor formatting, nothing was right in the paper. I regret ever working with them. These people are scammers! Don't use this https://oxbridgepersonalstatements.com site.


The assignment the writers at Oxbridgepersonalstatements.com sent me was immaterial to what I asked and it exceeded the deadline by two days and even if they sent me the assignment on time, I was not going to submit this trash anyway. These guys have no value for time and commitment. Don’t hire them.


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