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For every student getting enrolled into top universities of the world is like a dream come true but after getting admission the next step is to meet up with the standard grades of the school, this stage makes life much more difficult and that’s the reason why online academic help is available. Today, we are going to be discussing in details about the services and productivity of Exclusivewriter.co.uk, a company that provides profession online essay help. Let’s see Exclusivewriter is the best like claim to be.


This Exclusivewriter.co.uk company has a total of 48 writers which is in no way considered to be within the range of the standard amount of writers required for the task force in this market. Amongst the writers are just 6 PhD holders and 9 with master’s degree. Exclusivewriter also have no UK based writer working within the firm.


The quality is what should and must be the top priority of any writing service. We looked closely into Exclusivewriter.co.uk to see if they are the best essay service provider for you. But unfortunately, the company didn’t seem to do a really good job. After ordering for some essays to be done, we got to find out that this company’s writers are truly horrific as their stats.


Funny enough, the company still has outrageous price tags on its services. Its is very expensive even though it produces very low quality outputs. Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay here would cost you about $56.43 containing 500 words in two pages and will be delivered in 10 days.


Exclusivewriters.co.uk is a company that we cannot certainly say that it is one that can be trusted because it has shown not to be opened to its customers about its interior activities; the company did not state its permanent address anywhere on their website.


The Exclusivewriter customer service that has been provided by Exclusivewriter.co.uk has proven to be a really standard one that has all the modernized features that it needs for enhanced and advanced communication between the customers and their agents but a times slows down which means that it still needs development.


Exclusivewriter.co.uk has provided more harm than good, as the only factor that did at least get a pleasant remark was the company’s customer care. The quality is bad, the pricing is high, and therefore trading with this firm is more of a loss than a win.

Comments from students


Terrible quality of this https://exclusivewriter.co.uk site. My assignment was completed late and received a failing grade. After an entire month of going back and forth with their customer service reps, I still have not received a refund for the poor service and incomplete job.


I paid over $150 for a paper that was sent back to me 3 times from the grader and also told by affordable papers that I would need to pay more for a revision...when the writer did not follow the directions in the first place. This was supposed to save me time and make my life easier but all it did was cause me a huge headache. I still had to re write the entire paper. DO NOT USE THIS Exclusivewriter.co.uk SITE IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!


With this expertise, We lost trust during this exclusivewriter company and it is recommended not to use these varieties of services. They're unable to meet all the necessities. They never refund the installments.

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