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Their writers do not possess a professional attitude and their focus to the job is very low. Their writers do not ascertain high academic good mark. Their coursework editing staffs are not versatile. They do not ensure a stress-free academic paper.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is not a perfect paper writing firm to seek help if you are worried about meeting deadlines. This UK based company does not guarantee a fast delivery service. Most of their content is highly plagiarized. They are not reliable paper writing to aid your academic success. Papermatic do not guarantee amazing quality work.

PRICE: does not maintain a friendly price. Their price benchmark is very high and outrageous. They charge for fast or express delivery but end up delivering project above slated time frame.Papermatic do not prioritize time delivery. All they care about is their money. There is no 100 percent customer satisfaction with their high price placed on their paper.


There is no excellent editing service found within this company. Their focus approach is not tailored to efficient service delivery. Their writers and editors fall short of error-free service. Most of their editing services are erroneous. This company does not secure client safety. Customer data are easily accessible by the third party. This paper service cannot be trusted. They do not promote proficient service. They do not undergo deep research analysis before providing editing and proofreading services.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: customer support staffs do not guarantee competent and quick response service. Students send queries without getting a response back. Their 24/7 availability is in doubt. Papermatic do not work with a deadline.

CONCLUSION: can not be trusted. They do not maintain secrecy and there is open access to student information. The spirit of confidentiality is not resident in them. Avoid this company to avoid distress in your academic goal.

Comments from students


Requested a first class paper with 25 references and received a absolute rubish piece of work with 5 references. I requested a review and that came back even worse. Please avoid this website. Customer services would not comment on the matter. I requested a refund an s per their website policy but have never recieved it. Now thinking of informing the police. They are scam artists. They will trick you into buying an essay but will never deliver anything close to what you requested. Avoid and you will save a lot of money.


AVOID BUYING ANY SERVICES FROM THEM!! ARE SCAMS. I purchased a 1st class service and the essay made no sense at all, they assigned the essay to "another writer" which was also really rubbish. AVOID GUYS please. I'm surprised no one has taken legal action against them. THEY ARE LIARS; * promised me a refund for the work that did not even make sense, instead when I asked for it after she went against her words!! they also, faked that * was a manger, THEY ARENT EVEN BRITISH, PLEASE AVOID! if anyone wants to join, we could take legal action!


Don’t use this papermatic service. It’s expensive and they miss deadlines.

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