– Review is a website that is designed to provide you the best quality writing services and other related work. They also claims to be the most reliable and fast working delivery system. But when it comes to attaining their services, they offer you deals that are mostly time-wasting. The material you get after the required time is not up to the given standards. All the promises appears to be false due to their low writing standards.


The company claims to have the world’s best writer thus fails in providing information related to them. And this practice creates a bad reputation of the company in the market as you know writers are the backbones of a company and showing them is a best practice. Writers while delivering the services show unauthenticity of the work.


The writing services are not fast and reliable as described on the website. The assistance that is needed urgently is not welcomed in the company. They also do not take time to create a paper or content from scratch. They just copy and paste work and then deliver it to the customer.


The prices according to the quality of service that they provide are literally really high. They do not provide what they are claiming to provide. First, they just accept the customer order and then at the time of delivery they make lame excuses for not completing the tasks on time or just delivering them with a shoddy quality. Certainly, we will never recommend this service.


The company’s trust is shading day by day due to the quality of service that they provide in their so-called fast pace time. With these practices the company will not be able to gain high values in the market.


The client’s faiths are shattering due to company’s performance in providing services. This company has never gained a 5-star rating from any of the customer or client. They also do not provide any type of guarantee, refund policy or correction of the low quality stuff.


Providing a plagiarized work after a handsome amount of money is totally unethical, the company should never neglect this fact.


No prompt delivery and no quality content. When this is the situation who will be able to trust a company anyhow. They also threat to contact university when asked for refund, So no refund policy. "We do not recommend at all".

Comments from students


I order for a second sem assigment, and I show the work to my advisor and he said that this is bad. I paid about thousand pounds, and the company provides me the unqualified writer to do the work. I gave the writer the question and example of the work, but it seems that the writer does not well understand how to do it. When I ask for a new writer, the company want to charge me for that. However, it is the company fault because they give the work to the bad writer. And, the company does not respond for anything.

Blake says that they have subject experts with them. Then what happened to my history term paper? How dare you deviate from the rules when I have mailed you everything? Plus why do you never pick up calls? My experience is the worst with these guys.


Since I was overburdened with assignments, I decided to give Studybirdies a shot. However, it was perhaps the worse decision of my life. I had ordered only a dissertation chapter for Political Science, but the quality was way below par. Do not use this service if you want to salvage your grades.

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