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WRITER: team of writers does not know the real meaning to be called professional. Finestassignments are not good at assignment offering help. They lack the expertise to follow project instructions. Their writers cannot guarantee 75 percent plagiarism free articles.


What is fine about this fake Uk assignment writing firm. claim to be the finest of all academic paper company, yet they plagiarized content and give to students. They are a jack of all trade, and they are master of none. There is no proficiency or quality found in Finestassignments. The best assignment help they can offer is to copy content word to word. This company cannot be trusted.


Talks are cheap, but the action is daunting. claim to give a 50 percent discount when collecting a huge amount of money for poorly rated assignment. This insincerity cannot go on. Let's stop this fake company by rejecting any thought of patronage.


This company is a sycophant, give kudos and accolades to themselves without been efficient and credible in what they do. Academic assignment writing is not their area of expertise, and it would be wise if they close up, rather than wasting UK student time and resource. No one trust is found within the staff of this company and the company itself. Insincerity flows within their arteries. The academic help you seek cannot be guarantee or given by this fake company is wise to avoid them.


There is no point contacting this fake and unreliable customer service team, they take time to pick or reply to customer calls. They don't operate their WhatsApp portals. They don't respond to student emails on time. They are not reliable and shouldn't be trusted.


This company service is dishonest, and I do not encourage any dealings with them. Finestassignments is not the right academic assignment firm to cater for an academic project.

Comments from students

Ellis are bunch of fake people sitting behind the computers, they will make fake promises until you pay. Once the payment is done they provide any random solution which is not even related to your assignment. They will waste your money and time. I wish I could rate worst than that.


One more universal research trash essay writing service, copy paste of BEWARE OF SCAM!! they will resell your essay to another student.


This finestassignments company has a number of writers who don’t have enough learning ability to require totally different challenges. They're not committed with the purchasers. Honesty and respect doesn't mean any sense for them. The writers don't seem to be experimental and don't have any sensible approach towards information.

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