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WRITER: team of writers are not full-time writers and do not possess any expertise in assignment writing. There is no assurance of friendliness working with this company. From start to finish Mybestassignments writers do not communicate to you.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: does not offer the best possible quality service to the client. When it comes to maintaining the highest quality job in assignment writing tasks, Mybestassignments is not found. They compromise quality for low and substandard service. Their writers do not follow guidelines and fail to meet deadlines.


Their 50 percent discount is worthless. use the partial payment option to persuade the new client to patronize them. This will not do you any good. Why paying twice for an assignment at a higher rate, when you can easily get a viable and most reliable writing service at a very affordable rate. Their service charge is too high. Is more of money making venture rather than providing quality help for students.


Working with this assignment writing firm is a high risk. Plagiarism is the first thing you need to worry about. Over 85 percent of their delivered jobs hardly pass plagiarism test. The requirement given is not properly managed. This company is not reputable and cannot be relied on for a top quality assignment. They do not offer the best work and, do not have the best writers to effectively manage your project.


This assignment writing firm support team do not respond to a customer query. Their United Kingdom and Australia WhatsApp number is not a good option for effective communication. They do not reply to their chat on time. Their customer service satisfaction is a mess.


Mybestassignments does not secure quality service. This company does not submit the project before the deadline. services do not fit your needs and every dealingwith them should be suspended.

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