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Essaydom, like most other academic writing company, hires dedicated writers to write your essays. This company may have low numbers of staff and inexperienced writers as their details are not given on the site. The mark of any good writing company is that it will provide details and qualification proofs of their writers.


There is no such thing of good quality is provided. They are just making money. The offsite customer has complained a lot of repetitiveness in the papers of this site. In addition to this, the structure of writing is poor.


The prices of this site for writing is also high. One page is written on $11, and a high school level essay consists of 10 pages. This means that for 10 pages customer will pay in hundreds.


The company provide no privacy policy. Your information is on risk. Many customers have complained that they’ve had their details sold on by them. That’s discouraging when discretion is the name of the game.


The support system of this company isn’t as personalized as you would expect, so it’s difficult to get a reply about your work. In addition to this, the refund policy of this company is much tighter. That’s not good to hear as the refund policy is why so many students take a chance on new writing service in the first place.


The biggest concern with is that the incidences of plagiarized essays have been high. Students are complaining that they’ve received papers that clearly show other people’s work. Some have edited this paper by themselves to fit for submission. People come here to save time, but it is a time-wasting company.


So, is this company worth working with? In short, no. The quality of the paper is bad. However, the biggest problem with this company is not having a privacy policy. In this company, your information can be sold to anyone.

Comments from students


BEWARE!!! Stay away from this company! They are fraud and scammers!! They are fighting with my bank still since August 2020!! They didn’t do anything just did a plagiarized papers and I FAILED MY CLASS. Unbelievable!! Please and stay away from this company again!!!! Save your time and money.

Raiden are terribly expensive compared to different market rates. They're not versatile in terms of supplying you with a reduction or giving discount deals. At a really high worth, they're not reliable to contemplate them for your educational considerations.


A FULL copy/paste of information from the powerpoint presentation. Nothing was written in addition to that. I mean, it looks like the writer did not even bother reading the material I provided. In addition to that, there were incorrect APA in-text citations. Any professional/student should follow those guidelines. It only takes 5 minutes to search up instructions on how to properly cite, if you care enough. Also, the paragraphs were short, comprised of only 2-3 sentences.This is something that is absolutely careless on his/her part. No paragraph should be comprised of less than 5-6 sentences. I came across lots of grammar issues and it looked like the essay was not reviewed.
I am so unsatisfied with this essaydom service.

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