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Writeit247.com is an online platform that provides direct contact for students who are in need of coursework solutions with experts depending on course or subject of the assignment. This platform was designed in such a way that a student can communicate direct with the person in charge of your paper. Writeit247 has been bragging about offering the best services in the business, if you really want to know if this is true or not then please join us by reading our review.


Presently, this Writeit247.com company occupies a team of 63 writers to do your essay work for you. The most of the population of this team of writers are not qualified for the job and this has shown some serious side-effects on Writeit247 services. The team consists of 4 master’s degree holders, 4 with PhDs and none are UK based.


Judging based on the specifications of writers in this company and on our recent findings, the company’s service was poorly judged based on the quality of their writing. The writers made loads of mistakes and plagiarism was also a case here. And judging on the fact that none are UK based, this also affected the quality and standard of their paper.


The pricing scheme here in Writeit247.com is slight above the median price level in the business. Getting a 2’1 level type of essay would cost you an average of $32.68 containing 500 words and will be delivered in 10 days. And it comes with no discounts too.


As a company, getting your clients to trust and have faith in you is also a very important to take note of when going into a business. This company has provided its clients with physical address and this is a very big issue that needs to be addressed because we got complaints too of some students ordering and they didn’t receive their paper.


Writeit247 has a steady customer support system that also has all the necessary features for its clients and workers to engage in smooth and steady flow of conversation. There are no refund policies here also.


In conclusion, this Writeit247.com company has failed in terms of trust and quality and we don’t recommend you make use of this company’s service because you will end up disappointed or heart broken. There are hundreds of these kinds of companies out there that will surely offer right quality services.

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