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This site has been boastful of their 400 writers they assign to their writing service, whereas this number of writers is still insufficient in comparison to other popular quality sites. When large orders constantly fall in, writers do not use to meet up with providing quality works. These people aren’t professionals in their field, so they can’t deliver something better.


Truly, if wishes were horses beggars would ride. In same manner, wishes to help solve writing problems of various students, but they often end up complicating issues for their customers. Their set of unskilled writers won’t offer the best service you want, ever.


Money is the root of all evils, its very true this popular saying is found expressed by writing company. To make huge money, this company charges between $19 to $64, without caring if it hurts some students. They don’t hesitate to deprive people of their money and deliver poor essays to them.

COMPANY TRUST: has made bad reputations in the past. Several complains from customers about how bad they have been treated by this company, has breached the trust this company could have built.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: customer support is more like of no existence. Their impacts have not been felt, despite labelling their service a practical tutoring. Majority of their clients didn’t get any learning experience with them afterwards.


To provide unique contents for every works done by this company has been a big deal. They do not even provide 100% unique essays all because they have not put plagiarism in to check.


Finally, will never change from delivering late works. After charging customers with unbearable prices, they still get to be rude to them. This site is another term for fraud, they don’t follow instructions given by students for their write ups.

Comments from students


I’ve had horrible experiences with this website. I selected graduate writer and when I got the paper, the writing was a joke. I also did not receive the paper on time. They said the writer was “sleeping”. Save your money. Don’t use them! I filed a complaint and it’s been two weeks and they disappeared.


I was a loyal customer to this website. I have a life discount. But I got 3/20 assignment result once by using this website. That was my graduate year. makes me stay in uni one more semester. And they even refuse the refund requirement. Do not use it!


I will never use this service again. The quality of writing I received was terrible, I even paid extra for a "English" writer. This ninjaessays website is trash. DO. NOT. USE!!!!!!!!

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